Waist Beads Now Available At VIP!

Waist Beads Now Available At VIP!
You may have grown up with women who wore waist beads. They decorated their waist with beads from crystals, seeds, or glass beads. Perhaps you’ve seen your favorite influencers decoratively wearing beads around their waist.

Our VIP Beauties asked for waist beads variety to help express themselves in their most true form. Women in Ghana, for example, wear these beads as a symbolic adornment. These beads represent signs of wealth, femininity, and aristocracy as well as spiritual well-being.

Fashion Beads For Women

Waist beads can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times and were then known as girdle. These beads are single or multiple strands made from various types of metal, crystal, wood, glass or bone.

African beads for the waist were made popular by the Yoruba Tribe of Nigeria. However, this fashion item may date back to the 15th century. During that time, they were worn as rights of passage and as a status symbol.

Below is a list of what some of the colors mean and represent:

Black – Power and protection
Gold- Good health
Green- Abundance
White-Light , truth purity
Orange- Courage
Red- confidence and vitality
Pink- Care, beauty
Turquoise- Communication and self awareness

From a simple gauge for weight loss to representing certain virtues, they’re available in different materials. Consequently, they’re a beautiful aspect of feminine proclamation of self in several African cultures.

Additionally, they serve as a form of stylistic expression. In fact, you can customize the colors you want to display and how many waist bands to stack. In addition to that, you have a wide selection of bead choices.

To purchase this fashion item, visit our beauty supply store in Lancaster.

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Waist Beads Now Available At VIP!