VIP Hairstyles Lookbook: Get Inspired!

VIP Hairstyles Lookbook: Get Inspired!
Discover the latest hair trends from the VIP Hairstyles Lookbook and get inspired. This is your go-to source for styling tips, ideas, and of course, hair trends.

After all, the way a woman wears her hair is part of her identity. The color, cut, and even the way she parts it contributes to her overall look. Like shoes and clothing, hairstyle trends change. And so does our hair’s texture and color as we age.

In fact, hairstyles that once complemented our face may now do just the opposite. With this in mind, updating your look can enhance your appearance in ways you never expected. And you don’t have to choose a whole new hairstyle. You can make a subtle change that result in a noticeable difference.

The VIP Hairstyles Lookbook

Owner of VIP, Rosalin Coleman has always been committed to the wave of incoming trends. As such, she makes sure that VIP Beauty Supply & Hair Salon is a one-stop-shop for all things hair. So, this month, we’ll be updating the VIP Hairstyles Lookbook. You’ll see more styles and how-to approaches on our Instagram. And maybe even hair cutting and coloring techniques to create today’s popular hairstyles.

In fact, you’ll learn how to get the looks on your own. Or share with our stylists to achieve the look you desire. Additionally, we’ll be focusing on healthy hair looks as well as protective styles. After all, it’s difficult to achieve any hairstyle with unhealthy hair.

So, whether you have short or long hair, you’ll get inspiration for styles that are easy for anyone to rock. And remember, you don’t have to struggle to achieve your dream style. Our stylists can create it for you!

Already have curly hair and want to rock a more natural style? You’ll get hairstyle ideas that are both cute and easy. You’ll also be able to explore updo hairstyles for both long and short hair. And even braided updo styles that are trending.

When you book with our stylists or purchase sale items, tag us @viphouseofhair in your post. We’ll be sure to add it to our lookbook page! To see what’s new in-store, visit our beauty supply store in Lancaster.

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VIP Hairstyles Lookbook: Get Inspired!