Mayde Hair at VIP

Mayde Hair at VIP
What’s the story on the quickly growing brand Mayde Hair Company? We love it and we carry it!!

Mayde products are designed with three main goals in mind; quality, style and confidence. As a result, they were one of the most highly requested brands in our store last month. They offer everything from everyday styles to special occasions in hair.

For this reason, Mayde Hair bring a different perspective in styles and textures. As such, they add a feminine touch to each hair piece.

So, when our VIPs ask, we deliver! Consequently, this month, we’ll introduce different styles in-store that Mayde Hair offers. From wigs to braiding hair, we love the versatility and textures of this brand.

What We Like About Mayde Hair

The Mayde deep curl crochet braid hair is soft and easy to install. One of the unique colors for this collection is ‘caramelt’. This color is a combination of auburn, brown, and a splash of blonde. And the way the colors are blended into the hair makes it look very natural.

When wearing this style of hair, pull it apart before going to bed. As with all synthetic curly hair, it will tangle, particularly at the nape of your neck. It’s just the nature of this type of deep curl.

The hair is also lightweight. Even using three bundles, it looks full, but feels very lightweight on your head.

Mayde Hair at VIP

The Mayde Beauty Synthetic Hair Refined HD Lace Front Wig has a pre-plucked hairline with thin and natural baby hair. The lace front is also wider with refined features. High-definition lace features a thinner and softer material that blends flawlessly with your hairline and skin. The sugar brown color for this wig is absolutely beautiful!

With a light yaki texture, this wig is very soft and doesn’t shed. Moreover, this wig is heat safe up to 400 degrees. So, this allows for more styling options if you decide you want to wear large curls.

Additionally, there are two combs in front of the wig and one in back. There’s also a strap in back and the base is very stretchable which means it can fit larger head sizes. Available colors include black, sugarberry, sugarbrown, sugarhoney, and #2.

To see this brand’s products first-hand, come see what’s in-store!

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Mayde Hair at VIP