Marley Hair Extensions: How To Style

Marley Hair Extensions: How To Style
As Black women, we’re always looking for different ways to style our hair in order to change up our look. Maybe the next hairstyle you have chose to wear is Marley hair extensions. Now, you’re looking to learn the basics about this hairstyle. And how to style your hair using Marley extensions.

With Marley hair, you can flaunt a gorgeous pattern in addition to keeping your natural strands protected. Not to mention, the #marleytwists hashtag has nearly 300K beauty lovers sharing their unique takes on the style. So, it’s definitely an on-trend look you should explore. And if you’re ready to spice up your mane, you’ve come to the right place.

Marley Hair Extensions Styles

Marley hair extensions uses kinky hair threads instead of kanekalon hair. This actually makes it a perfect choice for women with 4c hair. This month, we not only restocked on Marley extension hair, but our stylists are ready to slay. And they are pros at installing the most versatile styles using Marley hair.

In addition to the 2 styles above, below are 3 more ways to style Marley hair that we love!

Three Marley Hair Extensions Hair Styles

There are so many variations of Marley hair, including extensions and even wigs. Additionally, it’s offered in different colors and lengths. And of course, VIP is stocked for all your Marley hair needs!

Caring for this type of hair is relatively easy. As with any type of extensions, make sure to use quality shampoo. But above all, keep it moisturized. If you’re not sure which haircare products are best for this type of hair, just ask us when you stop in. We’re always happy to help.

In addition to the above, this hair can be washed and reused. But make sure to check the package for recommended care instructions. The number of packs you’ll need depends on how full you want your style and the look you’re creating. As a matter of fact, consider buy at least three packs of hair for your install. Obviously, our stylists will let you know what you need if you’re getting your install done at VIP.

Whatever style you decide, we want to know about it. So, grab a photo and tag us @viphouseofhair. And to make sure you’re buying the right type of extensions, visit our beauty supply store in Lancaster. Want to book your install now? Great! Request your booking online.

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Marley Hair Extensions: How To Style