Virtual Slay: Let’s Talk About Thanksgiving Hairstyles

Virtual Slay: Let's Talk About Thanksgiving Hairstyles
Trying to stunt on your coworkers at this year’s work or social distance holiday party? Well, you’re definitely wanna try out one of the below festive dos. Especially for those needing Thanksgiving hairstyles.

Whether it’s a sleek blowout or fierce weave, you’ll have endless options. And with some gorgeous braids or poppin’ curls, you can show up and show out this Thanksgiving season.

As comfortable as go-to styles are, there’s no better time to test out funky holiday looks! Plus, you can go all out with accessories galore and a massive updo. Or even fully pressed out strands will turn some heads.

Check out our 5 most talked about VIP looks that make great Thanksgiving hairstyles.

Thanksgiving Hairstyles Bohemian Locs

When you need a break from braids, bohemian locs are the best way to go. Locs have become one of the hottest trends in fashion and protective styling. Dress this hairstyle up with ornaments and you’ll look stylish. Then, pair it with a bright outfit to further translate its fun, carefree vibe. You can clip them back, or put them in a ponytail to switch things up. While bohemian locs are often used for full-head coverage, they can also be utilized to augment specific sections.

Thanksgiving Hairstyles Crochet Twists

Take your crochet twists to the next level by going for some bounce. It’s one of those Thanksgiving hairstyles that not only look glamorous but also sexy. And they are light weight and flexible. Notice that each loc is round textured, and as a whole, has a free-flowing vibe to it. Bohemian locs tend to look that way.

Thanksgiving Hairstyles Cornrows

Natural hair is the perfect match for cornrows. After all, this braiding technique was initially developed for totally untreated and un-straightened Afro hair textures. You can create a mohawk effect style with this technique. Because your hair is braided up, this style is perfect for showing off a pair of statement earrings. Cornrows are an iconic braid type. The style is low-maintenance and protective, as the braids don’t put too much stress on your scalp. They have a lot of definition and are versatile. You can also braid in synthetic hair for more length and volume in the braids.

Half Up Do Down Lace Front Hairstyles

This half up half down lace front is a super cute ‘do for our Thanksgiving hairstyles collection. I believe every girl needs to know how to achieve this beautiful style. This half-up style is svelte and alluring. Ponytail hairstyles with weave, are gorgeous because the extensions not only bring length, but also unmatched luster. To maintain the sheen, apply oil to your hair and sleep in a silk bonnet or scarf. It will keep your long locks healthy, even if they aren’t technically yours.

Ponytail Up Do Hairstyles

Not only is this hairstyle practical, but the ponytail is also classy and chic at the same time! Ponytail hairstyles are versatile because they can be everything from fun and expressive to sleek and modern. This coif falls into the latter category. While it looks very intricate, it’s actually super easy to recreate. Start with a routine low pony. Then, apply six more hair ties, evenly spaced, to create the cute, bubble effect. Braids are a stunning way to enliven updo hairstyles. Not only can they enhance the sleek allure, but they are also used for a diversity of textures. Plus, they add extra volume and height.

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