What’s New At VIP? End Of The Year Releases

What's New At VIP? Moschino Purses
We are rolling out all our end of the year finds for our VIP customers! From $1 braiding hair to purse accessories. We pride ourselves on versatility in product and customer! Check out our end of the year releases below.

Moschino Purses

Moschino Purses

Women’s Moschino purses are the hottest styles in handbags this year. And at VIP, we have the perfect bag to fit your style in our Moschino purses collection. With our wide selection of colorful velvet and leather designer handbags, you can complete your casual chic look.

These colorful, eccentric and endlessly witty designs are both mocked and celebrate the industry. In our Moschino purses collection, you’ll find creative pieces with pop culture references as well as reinterpretations of classic logos.

Water Wave Crochet Braid Hair

Water Wave Crochet Hair

We have restocked on our water wave crochet hair. Hair is an accessory. Just like we decide what shoes to wear with a dress, we choose what hair to wear for different occasions.

Crochets are not only the healthiest protective style for natural hair – they are also the most versatile. As crochet styles have become more popular, brands have extended their offerings. You can now find textures that range from super curly to kinky/coarse as well as braids, twists and locs.

Bobbi Boss Braiding Hair

Bobbi Boss Braid Hair

When you choose to rock braided styles, they can be achieved much more quickly than traditional installation methods.

Convenient and versatile, you’re bound to love the all-time best selling Bobbi Boss braiding hair for your hairstyles. And we have a wide range of colors.

With hundreds of braid hairstyles out there, it’s easy to find a style for you. Plus, it’s such a beautiful way to wear your hair.

$1 Braiding Hair

$1 Braiding Hair

Yeah, you heard it right. We’re offering some of our braiding hair for only $1 per package. Our Easy Ready braiding hair is pre-stretched and low temperature flame retardant. But the best thing about this hair is that its sweat resistant synthetic fibers. And for just $1 per package, you can have natural looking hair that’s soft as human hair.

Additionally, it’s itch free and long lasting freshness without skin irritation. You’ll be able to change your braiding hairstyles easily.

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