The 411 On Micro Links

The 411 On Micro Links
We all know that hair extensions come in many different varieties from clip ins, sew ins, and wigs and much more. The newest and hottest trend extensions are micro links.

Micro links are the smallest, yet undetectable hair extension style that women use to add volume and length to their hair. And the best thing about these extensions is that adhesive glue is not necessary. Stylists use tiny metal links to attach a few extension strands to your natural hair. The links (or better known as tubes) are either attached using aluminum or copper material. They may also have the silicon layer attached to give a better grip.

Do Micro Links Damage Your Hair?

If not properly installed, any type of extensions can damage your hair. Improper sectioning, uneven weight distribution and applying extensions too tight will cause breakage, no matter what the method is. Because there is no additional chemical or glue applied, micro links pose as a considerably safe method of extension. This style allows your hair to grow long and healthy beneath the hair extensions.

Caring for micro links is essentially the same as you would any other hair extensions. When cleansing the hair it is best to do so slowly and gently with delicate care. This style does not allow you to comb or brush the hair from root to tip. The average client experiences 1/4 inch to 1 inch of hair growth with a 4-week timeframe. Therefore, after 4 weeks, it’s best to have your extensions re-tightened.

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And check out this installation tutorial.

Benefits of Microlinks Hair Extensions

The most notable benefit of this technique is the versatility, and they blend perfectly with your natural hair. You can treat it as your real hair. Excluding the combing from root to end, of course. And unlike clip-ins, you can also sleep in micro link extensions while maintaining your hair health. This is because your scalp is exposed and all of your hair is out. So, you can still love on your scalp and hair with scalp and deep conditioning treatments.

These extensions lay completely flat and seamless due to the non braiding technique. No one will be able to tell you have extensions. And because small rings followed by being clamped down technique is used, makes these extensions super secure.

We recommend a professional install, maintenance, and removal to avoid damage to your hair follicles and prevent matting.

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