Head Scarf: Protecting Black Hair At Night

Head Scarf: Protecting Black Hair At Night
Brown women LOVE our hair scarfs. Once we find a good one, we keep it forever. In fact, the longest I’ve kept a scarf was almost 7 years. That’s because it was the perfect size, and fit just right on my head.

I didn’t even realize how attached I was to that head scarf until I lost it. Nevertheless, I eventually had to move on.

Head Scarf For Black Hair

A head scarf for Black hair is an essential part of a Black woman’s hair care regimen. If you don’t have your go-to scarf, here are a few tips to help you choose a good one.

The Right Material
The right type of material is important for a good scarf. With this in mind, silk is the best material. Given that it’s not very porous, it doesn’t absorb the moisture out of your hair like cotton does.

But silk scarves can be expensive, so other alternatives are satin or polyester.

Keep Your Scarf Clean
A head scarf can become quite filthy, especially if you’re not washing your hair as often as you should. In fact, dirty headwear can become gritty and develop an old sock smell. So prior to your shampoo day, hand wash your scarf. For most people this is usually once per week.

Don’t Wear It Too Tight
Ever wake up in the morning and have indentations on your forehead from where your scarf rested too tightly? Obviously, this is the result of tying your scarf entirely too tight. And it’s not necessary to do that.

If you’re having issues with it falling off while you sleep, try wrapping it a different way. For examples, in the front instead of the back. Or using one knot instead of two. If you’re feeling your heartbeat around your hairline with the scarf on, your scarf’s tied too tightly.

Are you needing to refresh your style or get a new style for the head scarf protecting your Black hair? That’s great! In addition to buying scarves and bonnets, you can get your hair done while you’re here.

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