How To Style or Restyle Curly Hair

How To Style or Restyle Curly Hair
Most Black women don’t like people touching their hair. First, it’s a personal thing. Second, it’s a matter of etiquette and respecting another person’s space. And third, if you want to know how to style curly hair, just ask!

Now, let’s get into what this article is about – curly hair wigs.

For those wearing a wig, it’s a pretty straightforward concept. In fact, it’s just like putting on a skullcap or bonnet. Apply the wig starting from the back of your head. Then, bring the wig forward towards your hairline.

Secure it with combs that are usually included. But depending on the size of your head, you may need to sew on a drawstring. That is, if one isn’t included). Or, you could had more combs to the perimeter in order to hold your wig in place. Because the last thing you want to happen, is the wig lifting and falling off.

How To Style Curly Hair

If you were successful in securing the wig on your head, now it’s time for styling. Most women want to style curly hair wigs for a look that matches their personality. In general, they want it styled the way they generally wear their natural hair.

Also, some VIP beauties like to style their curly hair wig by cutting it for an ideal shape. And others prefer a roller or rod set for more defined curls and style. Ultimately, you’ll want to style the curly hair wig to reflect your personality. So, experiment with cuts and colors that you don’t want to permanently do on your own hair.

Some women are fans of big, voluptuous hair. In this case, comb the wig with a wide toothed comb once or twice to separate the curls. This will give the unit body. But if that’s not enough, here are some key instructions how to keep your curly wig lively.

DETANGLE. Use a wide toothed comb to detangle a section at a time. Starting from from the end of hair to prevent breakage. Also, do small sections for smaller curls and larger sections for bigger curls.

MIST. After detangling a section, lightly mist it using a leave-in conditioner. This will give it a little sheen as well as add softness to the fiber.

TWIST. Using your finger, twist the curls back in place. If the curl does not provide a natural shape, try curling it again in the opposite direction.

SECTION IT OUT. Continue moving around the wig in small sections until the entire wig is completed.

KEEP IT ALL TOGETHER. You can use a hair net to keep your finished work in place.

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How To Style or Restyle Curly Hair