Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs Restock

Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs Restock
June is here and so is the notorious heat wave it brings. For this reason, we’re introducing new and revamped synthetic and human hair wigs. We’re keeping your hair protected from the AV weather that’s definitely coming.

In addition to restocking a variety of synthetic and human hair wigs, we’re making our space convenient for you. With this in mind, a comfortable space near the braid bar is coming soon. This area will be dedicated to our clients receiving wig care.

Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, let’s talk hair care. It’s no secret how synthetic and human hair wigs are used as protective styles for your natural hair. C’mon, the name says it all. Not only are they great for switching up your style, but they also promote hair growth.

But simply tucking your hair away under a wig won’t make the most of the protective nature of the style. In essence, you can’t braid your hair and leave it to its own devices while showing off your nice wig. That’s not enough and can actually cause damage to your hair.

Instead, your natural hair requires some care while nestled up under the wig. So, below are four tips to care for your hair while rocking our new synthetic and human hair wigs.

1. Regularly Wash Your Hair
Prepping your hair in anticipation of wearing a wig is key in your hair routine. Product build-up can lead to breakage. So, start with hair that is clean and free of any prior product build-up.

2. Don’t Forget About Scalp Care
It can be easy to get caught up in just caring for your hair. But your scalp is just as, if not more important. After all, it’s where the hair grows from. Common issues for people with natural hair is a dry scalp. Or, experiencing problems with product build-up which leads to itchiness.

3. Do’s and Don’ts For Applying Your Wig
Applying a wig correctly is key to making sure your hair stays in the best condition. This point is recommended for both your scalp and the wig scalp. In addition to hair breakage, poor application can also damage the wig hair. We recommend always apply your wig starting at the back and at the front.

Also, don’t apply your wig on wet hair. It may sound like a no-brainer to apply your wig to dry hair. But apart from being uncomfortable, it could also cause your hair to break.

4. Keep Your Hair Moisturized
Dry hair tends to be brittle, leading to excessive breakage and split ends. Consequently, a real danger when your hair is constantly being rubbed by the wigs you wear. Deep conditioning and use of a leave-in conditioner can help.

If you’re still considering which wigs to wear this summer, come check out what’s in-store.

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Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs Restock