Let’s Talk Bohemian Braids For Black Women

Let's Talk Bohemian Braids For Black Women
Over the years, traditional box braids have evolved. Now, a handful of exotic different styles have emerged and are quite popular. These styles include knotless box braids and of course, bohemian box braids.

Also referred to as ‘goddess box braids’, bohemian box braids give your braids a chic upgrade. But before you book your appointment at VIP, there are a few things to know. For instance, bohemian ‘boho box braids’ require a bit more maintenance than traditional box braids.

However, boho braids are a more updated version to box braids. And smaller strands of hair are left out of the braid for a more casual, undone, yet cool look. In essence, it’s a less uniform version of box braids.

Additionally, boho braids aren’t braided to its full leaving. Instead, this type of braid leaves the ends loose and wavy or curly.

Looking Chic with Bohemian Braids

Boho knotless braids offers a drop-dead gorgeous style. The carefree style allows you to belong at any place effortlessly. And it usually provides the ‘wow’ factor. Coupled with the subtle sensational vibe, this style takes away any hesitations about what you’re wearing. Instead, you’ll be falling in love with your hair and yourself.

Seasons change and years go by, but braided hairstyle trends remain forever. And we’re not being dramatic. In fact, box braids date back to the early 3000 BC. Given that they’re still highly popular today, it doesn’t look like this style will be fading out.

Characterized by the square/box like parts that are used while braiding the hair, box braids are a forever fave for many. And if you’re like us, you’re always up for a cute braid style.

Moreover, bohemian braids look fantastic in colors other than black. For instance, burgundy or blonde hair color. Regardless of which braid hair color you choose, the word bohemian evokes your most laidback and free-spirited self.

And no matter your hair length or texture, anyone can wear braids.

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Let\'s Talk Bohemian Braids For Black Women