Is Your Hair Jump-Sided (Uneven Hair)?

Is Your Hair Jump-Sided (Uneven Hair)?
When your hair is jump-sided (uneven hair), you might notice that one side is longer than the other. And you might be wondering why and what you could possibly be doing to cause it. As African American women, the success of our hair growth is dictated by our hair care.

Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of how to do better hair care. Although some believe hair growth is hereditary, others maintain there’s no hope for those with higher, more course hair.

Find Out What’s Causing Your Uneven Hair

At first thought you might think that it must be based on bad hair care. And that the reason you’re not retaining length in one area is because you’re negatively affecting that area some how.

But don’t blame yourself as we all experience this. And the cause of uneven hair varies. It can stem from what you eat, your stress level, a bad hair practice or even genetics. To determine where you fall, look at your hair care first.

If your hair is healthy, then look at your lifestyle and stress level. You also want to check with parents to see what their thoughts are on it and how their hair grows.

We suggest taking a multi vitamin or even a hair vitamin to keep your hair healthy. But consult with your doctor first to ensure you’re buying the right vitamins for your health and hair situation. Premium vitamins can help supplement the nutrients that are missing from your diet.

We have a variety of direct contact supplements and products compact with vitamins that will enrich your hair! Watching your diet and lifestyle are also smart choices. After all, if you eat well, your hair will respond well.

In essence, everything you need for healthy, shiny, growing hair is in your food. Also, try to eat as much raw organic produce as possible to ensure proper nutrition. And don’t forget to do fun things to keep yourself stress-free.

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Is Your Hair Jump-Sided (Uneven Hair)?