Benefits, Dos and Don’ts For Using A Curl Sponge For Natural Hair

Benefits, Dos and Don'ts For Using A Curl Sponge For Natural Hair

If you have short hair, you don’t have to wait until your hair grows out to try out natural hairstyles. Why? Because tools like a curl sponge can help you achieve adorable, modern looks!

First, what are the rules for using this tool, more to the point, exactly what is it? Well, a curl sponge is a hair styling tool that’s used to create well-defined curls and twists. They’re particularly useful for VIP beauties with short hair.

Curl Sponge For Natural Hair

This sponge is usually thick and has clear-cut holes in them which may be big, small, or medium. Generally, curl sponges are two-side. One side has small holes to give curl definition while the other side has groves to create irregular curl patterns.

In addition, they’re available in different shapes. For example, rectangles, ovals, circles, among others. It’s also know by other names such as loc sponge, twist sponge, or hair sponge.

Benefits Of Using A Curl Sponge

1. Quick and Easy

Other curl definition methods like finger coiling, hair rollers, etc., can take hours. Not to mention, having patience to learn those processes. But with a curl sponge, you can get well-defined curls in minutes whether you’re an expert or a newbie.

2. Unisex

Curl sponges are unisex which means both men and women can use them.

3. Volume and Heatless Curls

If you have fine hair, curl sponges will help to increase the volume of your natural hair. Thus, giving a fuller and thicker appearance. In addition to that, no heat is involved, so they don’t cause damage to your natural hair.

4. Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

A curl sponge hairstyle can last for a few weeks. Of course, this depends on how well you maintain the style. Generally speaking, the style doesn’t require you to do much to make it last. In fact, the maintenance routine is very simple.

Maintenance Tips For A Curl Sponge Hairstyle

  1. Spray a leave-in conditioner or a curl refreshing spray in your curls to hydrate/revive them during the day.
  2. Wear a shower cap before you take a bath to prevent water from getting in and ruining your curls.
  3. Before you go to bed at night, wrap/wear a satin or silk scarf/bonnet on your head. This will keep your curls in place as you toss and turn in your sleep.

Dos and Don’ts Of The Curl Sponge

  • Do not use a curl sponge on dry hair. Because the friction that occurs from rubbing the sponge on your hair can cause hair breakage. Use on damp hair.
  • Do moisturize and detangle your hair first before using a curl sponge for easier motion.
  • Do not rub your hair aggressively as this can cause hair breakage.
  • Do use your curl sponge in a circular motion on your head. This helps to circulate blood movement on your scalp which in turn, increases hair growth.

Using a curl sponge on short hair to achieve sexy styles is not difficult to do. If you don’t already have this handy tool, swing by our beauty supply store in Lancaster and pick one up.

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Benefits, Dos and Don\'ts For Using A Curl Sponge For Natural Hair