What To Do For Over Processed Relaxed Hair

What To Do For Over Processed Relaxed Hair
Over processed relaxed hair will look different depending on your hair’s natural texture. In essence, the hair looks and feels dry to the touch. It will also lay in several directions and be prone to flyaways and cowlicks.

Obviously, without proper care, your hair may become fragile and damaged.

Over Processed Relaxed Hair

You can keep over processed relaxed hair healthy and hydrated while reducing the risk of damage. Unfortunately, Black women are exposed to numerous hazardous chemicals through the hair products they use.

Many of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors—substances that interfere with the body’s hormones, like estrogen. However, there are steps Black women can take to limit their exposure to toxic chemicals in hair products.

With this in mind, the following tips were created in collaboration with Black Women For Wellness.

  1. Read the labels with care! Chemicals of concern are not always listed on product labels, but labels can help point you in the right direction. Look for phrases like ‘phthalate free’ and ‘paraben free’. Avoid ingredients such as siloxane, cycomethicone, benzophenone, fragrance, oxybenzone, and similar ingredients.
  2. While not always possible, choose products made from plants, not petroleum. Hair products can contain a number of hormone disrupting chemicals including parabens, phthalates, and cyclosiloxane. Look for products that primarily list plants in the list of ingredients. Or, products labeled ‘made with organic ingredients’.
  3. Instead of using chemical straighteners, choose a temporary style. Chemical hair straightening products use hair chemicals. These chemicals can irritate and damage skin, hair, and even cause chemical burns. Blowout straightening products release large amounts of cancer-causing formaldehyde into the air. For this reason, explore using braids and other chemical-free styling options.
  4. Choose a hair salon that has good ventilation. Because salon products and activities can release a variety of chemicals into the air, good ventilation is key. And a simple sniff test can help you assess a salon’s ventilation system. For instance, strong smells indicate a poor ventilation system. At our VIP hair salon, we make certain to maintain a healthy atmosphere to promote a toxin-free environment.
  5. Let your hair express itself naturally. Celebrate you hair by letting it express its natural texture and style. Not only will your hair be happier and healthier, but you might need to use fewer products. Each product is an additional source of chemicals. Therefore, using fewer products reduces the amount of unknown and untested chemicals entering your body.

If you’re unsure which products are safer for your hair as well as body, just ask us. When you visit our beauty supply store in Lancaster, ask for help choosing the ideal products for your needs.

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What To Do For Over Processed Relaxed Hair