Haircare For Everyone: What It’s Like Being a Transracial Parent

Haircare For Everyone: What It's Like Being a Transracial Parent
For so many in the brown community, this topic not only has underlying negative connotations, but also be frowned upon. It’s viewed differently depending not just on cultural background but ethics as well.

At VIP, we maintain that everyone and anyone interested has the right to learn about hair care and skincare, no matter the color.

This particular conversation came up on Jada Pinkett’s “Red Table Talk” over a month ago. Interviewing Kristin Bell (one of our favs from Sex in the City), Pinkett presented questions to Davis that many brown people have always wanted to ask. These questions included:

What made you want to adopt a Black child? Where you afraid of the lack of knowledge and connection a black child’s hair and skin has to their culture?

In response, Davis shed light on the organizations that specialize in this arena. Helping transracial parents from all walks of life merge the understanding of hair, culture, and texture together.

In the adoption process Davis professed there where many things she had to do first.

To prepare, she took a lot of courses, one which was all about hair. “I know it’s a big thing and I’m still learning,” she admitted. The hair course really interested both co-hosts.

“What I learned is it’s a big thing. And, it has a whole long cultural history to it. You absolutely have to learn because it’s a bonding situation”. “You can’t just send her off somewhere. You need to know what’s best for their skin and their hair. And if you don’t, you will be judged harshly.”

Haircare For Everyone

The organization Davis mentioned is Styles 4 Kids. It’s a non-profit salon that specializes in educating parents from all walks of life on hair care and connection. Bridging a gap that’s been disconnected for far too long, Styles 4 Kids offers a variety of classes. Expectant parents can learn of cultural diversities haircare for everyone.

For more information on the Chicago based organization click below!

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