House Of Hair Goes GRAY!

Gray Hair Styles Black Women
We’re going gray. Ok. And we ain’t playin’ this time. VIP carries a variety of colors and secondary hues including grays. However, in August VIP beauties will see much more deep and neutral grays hanging on our shelves!

Not just braiding hair, VIP will offer grey options in wig selections, ponytails, wefted hair and crochet hair! Yes honey, prepare to be inspired by our gray vision board!

It used to be that just thinking about going gray made some people come unglued. Now, many are not only dyeing their hair gray on purpose, but also getting gray hair wigs, extension. You name it. However, the gray hair looks have been slowly trending on Instagram and the runway for several years.

Today, gray hair; natural, hair pieces, and dyed are more popular than ever before. And both men and women are wearing it with a sexy attitude.

Plus, gray just might be the new black when it comes to your hair. Women that are graying naturally are saying goodbye to dye and hello to their natural silver hair color. We think they look fantastic!

Embracing your naturally gray hair is a decision many women make at some point. But, it’s no longer a sign of “letting yourself go”. So, you don’t really have to make a decision at all. Embrace it!

There are plenty of women who serve as example that gray is beautiful. Whether you want to liven up your natural gray, cover it up, or go with your streaks. Check out our stunning gray hairstyles below.

Silver Hair
Silver Curls Hairstyle
Platinum Hairstyle
Gray Twists
Gray Curly Bob
Warm Gray Hairstyle

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