FREE Outdoor Braid Booth

FREE Outdoor Braid Booth
We’re committed to the Antelope Valley. Before the pandemic (social and racial pandemic), VIP provided jobs, creative opportunities and assisted in the community. We built events that we felt would uplift those around us.

We believed our efforts would change how people view and treat men and women of color. Not just in the beauty industry, but in all industries.

The pandemic has provided a set of new challenges that we welcome with open arms. We will overcome these obstacles. By embracing these challenges, it will fuel our initiative even further to support you all.

FREE Outdoor Braid Booth

With the new outdoor restrictions, we are noticing many unemployed men and women. They want to be involved but largely due to finances, cannot. Most salons charge a monthly booth fee to all that occupy a service space. VIP is lifting that. Until the pandemic is over, our outside braid bar booth fees will be waived.

Free Outdoor Braid Booth!

Starting July 19th, VIP is offering free outdoor braid booth. Braiders from all over Lancaster and Palmdale are welcome. Unlimited braid space is available for free. We are providing tents, chairs and tables. And, you will receive free referrals from VIP.

Contact us at (661) 878-0612 or hit us up on IG @viphouseofhair.

We hope this inspires some of the Antelope Valleys finest braid stylists to rise up. Call us and start your business at our outdoor salon!

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