Santa Monica College Ignites The Promise Program

Santa Monica College Ignites The Promise Program
The pandemic shouldn’t stop your dreams. Our Antelope Valley graduates shouldn’t have to question how they are going to pay for school. Especially during a time when many middle class and low income households have been shaken financially.

We’re so happy that Santa Monica College is continuing their Promise Program. And, they are leading the way for other colleges in LA county to do the same. SMC began offering two years of free tuition and fees, as well as up to $1,200 in textbook vouchers, in fall 2018.

Unlike the state aid program, the Santa Monica College Promise Program provides free tuition regardless of financial need. However, 88% of the 1,881 students in SMC’s first cohort of participants also qualified for the state program, said Teresita Rodriguez, VP of Enrollment Development.

SMC President Kathryn Jeffery said the promise programs offered by the state and the college allow students to focus on their academics. Thus, they devote less time to a job that they may have used to pay for tuition, fees and materials so they can graduate more quickly.

“They don’t have to wait for that first financial aid award — their tuition is paid for right away,” Jeffery said.

So, what are you waiting for? No excuses. Apply! Below are some perks of the Santa Monica College Promise Program and link to apply.

SMC Promise Program perks:

  • Free enrollment and fees
  • New full-time students with 12 units or more per semester. Just graduated from high school anywhere in California are eligible for free enrollment in classes. A value of up to $2,300 based on current fees and
  • Also free are student ID cards, associated student membership, student representation fee, and health fee!
  • Up to $1,200 Textbook Vouchers
  • Summer: $100 to use June 8 – July 17
  • Fall: $500 to use August 17 – October 30
  • Winter: $100 to use December 7 – January 15
  • Spring: $500 to use February 2 – April 24

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