Celebrating 10 Years In Beauty and Hairstyle Trends

Celebrating 10 Years In Beauty and Hairstyle Trends
VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply is proud of celebrating 10 years of serving its community. And not with just beauty products, but also inspiration and helping those in need. Rosalin Coleman has built her beauty supplies to one of the most recognized stores in the Antelope Valley.

But not just beauty supplies and accessories. Her hair salon has produced some of the trending hairstyles seen across the internet. Rosalin hadn’t really thought about celebrating 10 years when she opened her first store. But she didn’t imagine she would go from a 2,400 sq. ft store to her now 6,800 sq. ft store in just 10 years.

This has surpassed her dreams. She feels so fortunate to have a profitable business. And to be able to do it on her terms while serving her community at a pace that works for her.

Celebrating 10 Years In The Beauty Business

Coleman’s products looked quite different when she launched her first store. At that time it was mostly beauty supply products like hair care, accessories and extensions. Today, she stocks the most gorgeous human hair lace wigs, top quality black beauty products, and so much more.

And keeping up with fashion trends, VIP House Hair Beauty Supply store now stocks colored contact lenses. During the past ten years, she’s slowly expanded into other products. For example, hair clips, jewelry, headband wigs – with hundreds of versions.

Rosalin believes the key to growing a business is continuing to be innovative and evolving. While there are other similar stores in the area, none serve the community like VIP does. When she started selling headband wigs, she never thought they would be as bigger trend as they are.

However, Coleman doesn’t consider headband wigs her hero product. However, the accessory became extremely popular with customers during the pandemic when people couldn’t go to salons. At that time, we were quarantined, but people still wanted to look nice. Particularly for video calls with clients and chatting with friends and family.

Celebrating 10 Years in Beauty and Hairstyle Trends

Pre-pandemic, the store was probably split between haircare products and hair extensions hero products. Then during the pandemic, headband wigs were like a life buoy. With video calling you can throw it on and still look you just came from the salon.

Rosalin used the headband wigs and other popular products as a way to connect with customers during quarantine. Each week, she hosted Instagram Live events, talking to customers and offering product discounts.

Quick pivoting early in the pandemic help Coleman’s business to survive. This was strategic thinking on her part because many businesses were struggling. Additionally, her customers stayed loyal and supportive. It was like one big family. And this is how Rosalin operates in the community; caring for them as family. So, it was no surprise when the community reciprocated at a time when she needed them.

Awards and Media Attention

Celebrating 10 years in beauty doesn’t always mean there’s much to celebrate. But such is not the case with VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply. In fact, over the past decade, both the business and owner Rosalin have received many accolades.

In April 2018, Rosalin was featured in Media Triumphant as a business owner that truly gives back. They recognized that Coleman was a very humble and hard working person.

Faith Magazine stated that Coleman was making waves in the beauty industry, also in 2018. She was commended for not just being a successful Black business owner, but also for the products she stocks.

To Rosalin, there’s nothing worse than walking into an ethnic beauty supply store only to realize the only thing “ethnic” about it is the hair for sale and you. Consequently, this is one of the main reasons that prompt Rosalin to open the VIP Beauty Supply Store.

When you wake up looking forward to serving the community, it’s a great reason for celebrating 10 years in beauty. Not to mention, people don’t have to drive 50+ miles to get ethic products.

In addition to request appointment online, or in-stock products, you can also find Black hair essentials on the VIP website.

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Celebrating 10 Years In Beauty and Hairstyle Trends