Bella Colored Contact Lenses Now Sold At VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply

Bella Colored Contact Lenses Now Sold At VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply
Yes, you heard that right ladies. Bella disposable colored contact lenses are now sold at our VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply store! For those seeking a dramatic and bold look, Bella colored contact lenses is a popular fashion accessory.

Even if you prefer a more subtle look, these Bella colored contact lenses will help your eyes look more glamorous. Additionally, these contact lenses are breathable and healthy. In fact, they are FDA Certified.

About Bella Colored Contact Lenses

These fashion contact lenses are available in an array of colors at our VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply store. Because each hue is delicately applied with discreet spokes, they emphasize the beauty of your iris. Not only that, but circular areas of pigment around your iris is more defined. Thus, you can transform into a new you simply by wearing our Bella colored contact lenses.

Similar to the human hair wigs we sell, these contact lenses allow you to temporarily beautify your look. As a result, you can be sensitive and soft, intuitive and classic. Or even daring and bold. Also, keep in mind that lenses on different eye color will show different effects.

Here’s what our disposable contact lenses offer:

  • Provides crisp, clear vision.
  • Soft materials that offer all day comfort.
  • Unique designs created from the imagination of a visionary artist.
  • Patented materials enables healthy flow of oxygen to your eyes.
  • Shields your eyes with a UV blocker.

Bella Colored Contact Lenses Now Sold At VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply

Prescription Instruction

If you have normal eyesight or simply want to wear these lenses for aesthetics, take advantage of our lenses with prescription. For instance, choose 0.00 / Plano. However, we recommend you contact your eye doctor before buying or ordering.

Also, some people’s eyes do not have the same power in both eyes. In this case, you can buy 2 items with different powers. But what if I’m astigmatic? Well, we got you covered too. If your cylinder range is 0.00 to -3.00, we recommend sphere + cylinder/2.

For example, if your sphere is -6.00, cylinder is -1.00, then -6.50 power would suit you best. Of course, our VIP floor consultants are always available to help you, just ask them. After all, we want you to have a great experience with our Bella colored contact lenses!

Best Contacts Colors For Dark Skin

There are different shades of dark skin and the types can be cool or warm shades. For instance, cool dark skin has undertones that ‘cool’ the color. These are anything from pink, to red, and sometimes undertones of blue.

On the other hand, warm dark skin has undertones of peach, yellow or even orange. These give the skin a warmth and underlying glow that can be highlighted with the right colored contacts.

If you want a subtle change to your natural eye color that will show off your rich, dark skin, go for:

  • Hazel or Carmel
  • Honey Brown or Honey Gold
  • Deep Greens like Emerald Green

Looking for a stronger contrast? You can make a real impact by choosing either of the following:

  • Diamond Blue, Blue Slate
  • Grey Green, Coral or Sea Green
  • Violet or Amethyst
  • text
  • text

The great thing is that you can choose more than one set of colored lenses. This gives you a chance to find the best color contacts for your skin tone. And a choice of an everyday look and a special party style.

Come see our colored lenses at our request appointment online, or beauty supply store in Lancaster as well as more beauty products!

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Bella Colored Contact Lenses Now Sold At VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply