Ukraine and Us

Ukraine and Us
African governments are scrambling to help their nationals escape the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Reports have merged of racist and unfair treatment of their citizens at the Poland border. The reports have cast a shadow over the massive evacuation effort.

At this point, approximately half a million civilians have crossed int the European Union.

While some Africans have been able to leave Ukraine, several students have reported that they were denied crossing into Poland. And other Nigerian students have experienced the same treatment at the border crossing.

In fact, even Black women and children were denied crossing as White people were let through.

Unfair Treatment Of Black People In Ukraine At The Border

Even with European passports, Blacks cannot cross the border. A Nigerian student reported that, ‘we’re being pushed back just because we’re Black, we’re all human. They should not discriminate against us because of the color of our skin’.

We’ve read many such reports. For example, Jamaican and Indian students being forced to walk from Lviv to Poland in 15 below weather. And black and brown people being escorted off trains in an attempt to find safety.

We must remember that this is not the time to divide. In fact, no time is the right time to mistreat people.

Equal rights is something everyone should have as we’re all human, all equal.

Given these points, VIP is exploring options to help support our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. If you have any information on non-products we can support, please call (661) 723-0990 or DM us!

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Ukraine and Us