Best Summertime Fly Hairstyles

Best Summertime Fly Hairstyles
Celebrities aren’t the only ones that inspire hairstyle trends. In fact, our very own VIP Beauties create looks that turn heads.

Today, we bring you 5 summertime fly hairstyles that are easy to maintain. Not only that, most of them are protective styles to keep you looking fine during summertime.

Summertime Fly Hairstyles Stitch Pony Feed-in

Stitch Pony Feed-in

Up-do feed braid styles can be done with natural hair directly or with the help of hair extensions.

Whichever style that you choose, it still has a way of standing out and creating such an adorable summer look.

Natural Afro Summertime Fly Hairstyles

Natural Fro

Sometimes it’s good to just let your hair breathe. Relieving your hair of tension from up-do’s, cornrows and styles that may cause stress on the hair is vital.

Twists with Accessories

Twists with Accessories

At VIP we keep our accessories as close to us as we keep our wallets. Accessories are so fun during the summertime.

You can experiment when you want to revamp old styles!

Low Pony Summertime Fly Hairstyles

Low Pony

Apart from our VIP accessory game, one of the best ways to de-stress your hair and scalp is to rock a low, loose pony.

Rather than an extension pony or natural hair, low ponies are chic and fit so many occasions!

Box Braids

Box Braids

We love all forms of box braids: jumbo, micro, triangular, etc. You can never go wrong with braids for summertime fly hairstyles.

Box braids don’t require much upkeep and do well with deep conditioning and moisture.

Kinky Hair Twist Out

Kinky Hair Twist Out

We may very well still be social distancing during the summertime. And that’s ok, because VIP is open and ready to serve! We carry some of the best products to successfully slay a twist out updo.

Twist outs are perfect for VIPs that don’t want to apply heat to their natural hair. They also have a bouncy, kinky curl.

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