About The Invisible Locs Style In 2023

About The Invisible Locs Style In 2023
In 2022, protective styles like flat twists, lace wigs, and goddess braids swept the internet. But from the styles our hairstylists have been creating, this year, the invisible locs style will dominate the web.

This is a flat twist technique, and I predict you’ll see it everywhere very soon. And to make sure you’re ahead of the curve, below we’re sharing how you can rock this style now.

So, What Is The Invisible Locs Style?

Well, invisible locs start off by twisting your natural hair. Then add feed-in extensions inches away from the roots to create double strand twists throughout the lengths. In essence, invisible locs style give the illusion of tradition locs, but without the full commitment. So, if you’ve been contemplating the classic style, try wearing some invisible locs in the meantime.

Are Invisible Locs The Same As Faux Locs?

No, invisible locs and faux locs are not the same. Invisible locs are a form of faux locs because hair extensions are added. But they’re not crocheted at the root like regular faux locs. Similar to feed-in braid, the extensions are twisted into the natural hair. Then twisted around another section of hair.

Why This Trend Is So Popular

This is one of the few hairstyles that gives you the look of two hairstyles in one. You get the fresh look of retwisted locs and the classic look of two strand twists.

Invisible locs like the name suggests give the illusion of twisted dreadlocks. But it’s hard to tell where the ‘locs’ start from. This is because the foundation is a flat twist that’s done using one’s natural hair.

It’s also a low maintenance look you can wear all year long without stressing out your hair. The finish is unique, yet versatile with less tension at the roots and provides a level of longevity.

Hair To Use

You can use Cuban hair, Marley hair or pre fluffed freetress hair. The number of packs you’ll need depend on the size and length you’re going for. In general, you’ll need 1 3x pack of the cuban hair or 6 to 7 individual packs of Marley hair.

Don’t worry, we have all extensions types at our beauty supply store and happy to help you with selections.

How to Achieve Invisible Locs

The video above is a good tutorial for achieving any invisible locs style. If you’re not an experience braider, you should book appointment with our stylists. Yes, of course we do invisible locs! If you like, bring a few reference photos to your appointment. This will give your stylist an idea of what style you actually want.

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About The Invisible Locs Style In 2023