How To Maintain Sleek Edges While Wearing Updos

How To Maintain Sleek Edges While Wearing Updos
Ponytails, chignons and other updos protect the ends of your hair. But are your sleek edges protected too?

Anyone with kinky edges knows the struggle of laying them down and keeping them sleek all day. Even though we love to keep our coily edges natural and free, sometimes we also want a sleek swoop. But you can have both! In fact, you can feel like a baby hair pro while keeping your thick hair edges healthy and full. Not to mention, sleek and laid.

Check out these quick tips to protect the most fragile part of your head.


Don’t Pull Too Tight

When wearing an updo with sleek edges, don’t pull your hair too tight. And definitely avoid using rubber bands. In essence, different hair types require different care. But regardless of the hair type, hair around your hairline should be treated with extra nurturing.


Smooth Edges Before Applying Gel

You can pull your hair back while it’s wet or dry, but do it with care. On the other hand, relaxed hair may be easier to pull back when it’s dry. Pulling back natural hair is probably less complicated when it’s wet. But you can straighten the edges of natural hair with a blow dryer before applying the gel for sleek edges.

For Sleek Edges Apply With Care

Using a soft brush or your fingers, apply the gel to your edges. The way you comb the hair can also cause breakage. So comb and handle your hair gently while pulling it up.

For many sistas, getting laid edges takes a lot of trial and error. Nothing is more soul-crushing than realizing your hard work is for naught as soon as you step outside. And there’s so much that can go wrong here.

Forehead acne caused by products made with too much oil or product flaking. And the ultimate. Plight of figuring out if the product will actually lay your edges at all!

But there’s good news to keep you motivated. That is, you don’t have to struggle with your edges yourself. Our VIP stylists are extreme pros at handling baby hairs, creating awesome braid styles, installing extensions, and so much more. Book your appointment today and start living a stress-free life from hair struggles.

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How To Maintain Sleek Edges While Wearing Updos