Beautiful Hairstyles For Teenage Black Girls

Beautiful Hairstyles For Teenage Black Girls
For any teenager, middle school and high school are important milestones. With all the other things going on in their academic and social life, they shouldn’t have to worry about their hair.

So, we decided to write this post to provide different hairstyles for teenage black girls. And some of them may also be appropriate for pre-teens. Most teenage girls do their own hair or frequent the salon with their mom. Some of these hairstyles are easy enough for your daughter to replicate herself.

What Are Some Beautiful Hairstyles For Teenage Black Girls?

If you’re looking for easy hairstyles for teenage black girls, we’d have to say afro puffs, bun or ponytail. Of course, each of these style can be made unique by your teenager putting her own spin on it. For example, add some beads, braids, or twists to their own hair.

About braids? Well, there are so many different types of braids that you can style your hair in endless ways. When I was growing up, wearing braids was seen as a style you wore when your mom didn’t want to do your hair. Braids were also not embraced by everyone as they are today. But teens today are taking them to a whole new level. And it’s great to see them embracing their culture.

Another easy hairstyle is buns. Just don’t leave them in too long or make them too tight. Your teen’s scalp needs to breathe, so switch up the styles once in a while. Given these points, here are hairstyles for teenage black girls to try.

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Twisted Updo with Braids Hairstyles For Teenage Black Girls

1. Braids with Twisted Updo

This is such a carefully crafted style that you’ll never want to take it down. You can even accessorize it with beads or gold cuff links from our beauty supply store.

Burgundy Rod Set Hairstyle on Teenager

2. Burgundy Rod Set On Teenager

To have this beautiful hairstyle for black girls, use tiny perm rods. Give your hair required time to set, them remove the rods to get this defined look.

Twisted Crown with Mini Braids Black Hairstyle

3. Twisted Crown with Mini Braids

Even though this style looks complicated, it’s really simple to complete. It also a beautiful style for any school function like, you know? – Valentine’s Day social. Swoop by our beauty supply store and pick up beads of your choice to really fancy it up.

Red and Black Curved Braids Hairstyle

4. Red and Black Curved Braids

Colored braids are so popular right and we have any color you can imagine in stock. To suit your personality, play around with your cornrows and include different hair colors. And depending on what you’re wearing, don’t forget to accessorize.

From perm rods to braided wigs, lace wigs, hair accessories and so much more, visit our beauty supply store. Don’t feel like doing your own style? We got you! Book appointment with one our our stylists.

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Beautiful Hairstyles For Teenage Black Girls