At VIP We’re Keeping Our Guys Looking PRoPER in Locs, Twists, and Braid Styles!

Hairstyles For Men
Men’s protective styles have long been a thing, even when met with discrimination as a result. From locs to twists to cornrows and more, men enjoy embracing their hair texture. But the freedom to wear men’s protective styles has not always been so “free”.

Before a Texas wrestling match in 2018, a Black teen was forced to cut off his locs. And in 2020, another Black teen was told he couldn’t wear his locs to graduation. Why? Because his hair “would be out of dress code”.

Don’t trip, just breathe. Thanks to the CROWN Act, we’re moving closer to ensure Black hair can no longer be discriminated against. Although the CROWN Act has only passed in seven states thus fair, we WILL prevail.

Vip House of Hair is doing its part to ensure our Black men have the goods they need for proper hair care. In fact, we sell human bulk hair for locs. Premade human hair locs in all colors. And synthetic locs for anyone or any culture who wants to achieve men’s protective styles look. We’re also fully stocked on loc gels and accessories.

Men’s Protective Styles

Men are continuing to experiment and embrace their natural texture. So, we decided to bring you some of the handsome ‘dos they wear. Whether man or woman, no natural journey is the same. One thing is common though which is patience.

For guys just starting out, don’t be overly concerned about the curliness of your hair. Instead, focus on how your hair reacts to products. What does matter greatly is your hair’s ability to absorb and hold moisture.

Without further ado, check out these awesome men’s protective styles.

Men's Protective Styles Bun

Loc’d Man Bun

Man buns always look sexy and adds an air of mystique to a man’s style. You can also take this style a step further by adding hair color or embellishments to your locs.

Tapered Braids w/added length

Single Braids with Added Length

Serving as his trademark, there’s not much hair added to Travis Scott’s plaits. So, this gives his go-to braids a new edge.

Men's Protective Styles Medium Length Locs

Medium Length Locs

Whether short, boho or edgy, locs are appropriate for men just about any age. And this shoulder length loc style is really handsome.

Men's Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

Aminé never misses an opportunity to experiment with his style or hair. His embellished Bantu knots are a must-try.

For the latest in men’s hair accessories including braid hair, visit our beauty supply store. To get any of the styles above or something even fresher and unique, book appointment.

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At VIP We’re Keeping Our Guys Looking PRoPER in Locs, Twists, and Braid Styles!