Why We Love X-Pression Braiding Hair

Why We Love X-Pression Braiding Hair
You’ve got the hairstyle and accessories to go with it. Equally important, you’ve also hooked the highly coveted Saturday morning appointment with your stylist. You’re all set to make some banging braids. And even have snacks to munch on while you get dolled up. But there’s one thing left. That is, the braiding hair extensions.

With the plethora of extension companies producing hair, it’s challenging to pick the pick that makes your braids come alive. But not to worry, we’ve got you.

In this article, you’ll find X-Pression braiding hair is your best bet to get Instagram-worthy braids.

Let’s dive in!

6 Stellar Reasons To Keep Loving On X-Pression Braiding Hair

X-Pression is one of the most popular brands for braiding hair on the market. Especially among Black women, and for good reasons, too. The iconic X-Pression braiding hair is flame resistant. Not to mention, it boasts pre-stretched, hot water curling, and silky smooth textured hair.

Trust this braiding hair to go through thick and thin, and even fire (literally). And still come out looking glam. It is as flexible as it is durable and suitable for ALL hair textures and styles. Obviously, all these features give you endless unique options.

Here’s a run-down of why we’re in love with X-Pression braiding hair.


With only $30, you can have six packs of this braiding hair; such a steal! But that’s not all. You know how when you start a style and make a startling discovery halfway through? That is,, that the braiding hair won’t last more than a few braids. If you’re an X-Pression fan, you probably can’t relate. No matter how thick your hair is, X-Pression is more than generous in length and volume. So, it has enough hair to make your braids. Moreover, it won’t disappoint you along the way. Plus, you’ll get your money’s worth even at this rock-bottom price!

  Safe For Scalp

There have been occasions where people complain of discomfort after installing braids. For example, itchiness, burning sensation, tenderness, redness, etc., on the scalp. Because some beauty companies use chemicals to treat their hair, these chemicals are likely the culprit. But what about X-Pression? Well, there are hardly any reports of scalp irritation after with their hair.

  Almost Tangle-Free

With X-Pression, you can trust that your braiding experience will be smooth sailing. In fact, this hair hardly ever tangles. So, you won’t be having a mini tug of war, struggling to part the hair mid braid. We know how tiring it is to sit in one place for hours. Luckily, X-Pression hair speeds up your installation process. How? Because there are fewer tangles, more time is spent installing your braids than detangling. Hence, this helps your hair get completed faster!

  Shiny For Days On End

Most braiding hair retain their shine only during the first week of installation. After that, it starts to dull. On the other hand, X-Pression hair stays neat and shiny for days. Especially when you consciously care for it. That is, wash, air-dry, condition, and seal in moisture.

  Easy To Use

This braiding hair is silky smooth and incredibly soft which is good news for stylists. It also means your braids will have a smooth consistency. Not to mention, won’t weigh heavily on your head, no matter how thick your braids are.

  Perfect For All Braiding Styles

Regardless of the type of braid style, X-Pression will give you nothing short of the best results. For instance, box braids, goddess braids, or bohemian box braids. Not only is it ideal for teeny tiny braids, but also for medium-sized box braids and larger-than-life twists. They will suit any style and blend with any hair texture perfectly. Try it out and see for yourself.

If you’d love to use X-Pression hair but don’t know which brand to pick, give us a visit. We carry Outre and Sensationnel X-Pression braiding hair brands. Our stylists would love to help you make the perfect choice for your hair.

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Why We Love X-Pression Braiding Hair