Halloween Party Hairstyles For Black Queens

Halloween Party Hairstyles For Black Queens
As you plan your Halloween festivities, remember to show your hair much needed TLC. It’s mostly been tucked under wigs, pulled into tight ponytails, and tied into buns through every Zoom meeting. Halloween is the kickoff to the holiday season, so it’s a good time to try new ‘dos.

You’ve been grinding hard at work since the year started. Finally, you have some spare time to settle down and doll yourself up. So, let your hair out of that bun and let that wig breathe.

Halloween Party Hairstyle Ideas

Halloween is pretty much already here. I mean, have you seen the Halloween aisle at Target lately? It’s been ransacked since August. So, if you’re looking for a sign to start planning your October 31 shindig, this is it.

With this in mind, here are 4 Halloween party hairstyles that’ll put you in the sexy witch mood. And you don’t even need a costume.

Halloween Party Hairstyles - Knotless Braids

1. Knotless Braids

You can never go wrong with braids, especially knotless braids. Not only are they easy to install and take down, but they’re also perfect for any occasion. Our stylists take pride in making some of the most durable knotless braids. They even look like styles straight out of an Insider Beauty magazine. Want to dazzle other party goers with a spanking new look? Let us know so we can glam you up!

Halloween Party Hairstyles - Marley Twists

2. Marley Twists

Marley twists top the list of bold and beautiful hairstyles. If you’re aiming for sexy and sleek Halloween party hairstyles, this is one of them. These twists are super versatile; you can wear them down, in a bun or a high ponytail. They can even be accessorized with cowry shells, beads or clips to give them a more traditional look. For Queens wanting to experiment with locs without locing your hair, you’ll love Marley twists.

Halloween Party Hairstyles - Crochet Braids

3. Crochet Braids

There’s no style as versatile as crotchet braids. Not only that, but they are also available in curly, straight, wavy, the list is endless. You can even have them in pre-braided or pre-twisted styles. Obviously, this will save you half the time it would take to install box braids and senegalese twists.

Hairstyles For Halloween Party - Bantu Knots

4. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots make a perfect statement for Halloween party hairstyles. The style can be installed with or without extensions, and it’s ideal for any hair length. While a youthful and gorgeous style, it’s also versatile. Various patterns can be created on the scalp like diamonds, stars, or even make the knots into shapes! Regardless of the knotting or parting method you choose, this style will surely keep you center of attention. Especially as you work your way through the Halloween party room.

There you have it; 4 halloween party hairstyles that will set you in the mode for ghouls of fun. We’d love to hear from you in the comments. Which style would you love to make? And if you have made any of these styles before, what was your experience? If you saw a style that caught your eye or you have one in mind, come by the salon. We’ll work our magic on your hair. Let’s treat you like the VIP that you are.

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Halloween Party Hairstyles For Black Queens