Best Back To School Hairstyles

Back To School Hairstyles
Because schools open soon, back to school hairstyles is the big topic of conversation. “What am I going to do with my hair and what style should I get?” “Who can do my hair and what style is going to last me?” These are the most common questions being asked.

Well, we have the answers for you. That is, let VIP House of Hair be your saving grace. Our beauty supply store and hair salon is located amidst your community! Consequently, we can supply all your hair and accessory needs for the best back to school hairstyles.

For this reason, you’ll have the best of both worlds! Getting your hair essentials and styled at the same place. In fact, our doors are flying open all day with the community getting their hair styled for start of school,

Continue reading for the best back to school hairstyles we’re creating right here in our VIP House of Hair salon!

Best Back To School Hairstyles

Braids Back To School Hairstyles


Our talented stylists know how to do varies types of braid styles. For instance, knotless braids, box braids, lemonade braids, half up down styles, and many more. Not only that, but they know that details matter such as parting, techniques, and using the right products.

Sew-in Hairstyles


Who doesn’t love a good sew-in? We offer the best install services as well as being known for our quality hair bundles. Not only that, but we also have bundles from 8 to 30 inches in-store. Sew-ins are extremely popular because of the quick weave option and affordability. And our premium glue will keep your bundles lasting through the roughest of storms. Our human and synthetic hair bundles are excellent quality hair. If you’re undecided on which type you prefer, our beauty supply team are here to assist.

Faux Locs Back To School Hairstyles

Faux Locs

Locs are on the rise in the community. Many people are taking the leap to start their protective style journey. For others, they love the look of locs but don’t want the permanent commitment of them. Either way, our stylists have a plethora of options for you. Whether you like boho locs, butterfly locs, waterfall locs or different style, we have what you need.

Braided Ponytail Back To School Hairstyles


Braided Ponytail

I love my braids, locs, and twists but there are times I love that amazing silky smooth sleek look. In this case, why not try a braided ponytail! We offer top notch blows dryers that will have your hair straight and blowing in the wind. And don’t forget our electric and manual hot combs, mini and and regular sized flat irons. All of them will have your hair looking and feeling like true silk. In addition to that, you can find all of your needed sleeking products just over in the next aisle. Grab all that you need, checkout, and you’re out the door. But before you do, head over to our hair aisle for a variety of sensational hair extensions.

Passion Twists

Passion Twists

Passion twists are a year-round style, particularly in the summer because of its relaxing vibe. At our beauty supply store, we offer a variety of different curls, lengths, and colors to customize this style. And we all know that the installation of a passion twist is extremely crucial. If not done properly or incorrect tools used, they’ll definitely unravel as soon as they’re installed. VIP House of Hair stylists are experts when it comes to installing passion twists. They use the proper technique and only the best products from VIP, of course, when executing this style.

All hairstyles above were executed by VIP House of Hair stylists. Not only that, but they are also great for back to school hairstyles. So, what are you waiting for? Request appointment today and get your hair properly slayed! You can also call (661) 723-0990 to book.

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Best Back To School Hairstyles