What’s The Deal With Pre-Stretched Hair?

Stretched Braiding Hair?
Showing up with pre-stretched hair for braided styles can help save hours in prep time. And stylists end up knowing exactly what length they are working with.

The Difference Between Pre-Stretched and Non Pre-Stretched Braid Hair

Pre-stretched is when the hair strands are stretched so that the ends of the hair bundle is not blunt. Yet it’s tapered to achieve the nice finish look you see on most braided styles.

Can you get the same flawless finished look with non pre-stretched hair? Absolutely you can, but you’ll have to stretch the hair yourself manually.

Stretching the hair does thin the bundles out. So, mistakenly customers believe they are purchasing less hair than the non pre-stretched option. But the weight of the already stretched hair is the equivalent to the hair not stretched.

When we say, “what length they are working with”, the hair has been stretched to its max length. VIP has restocked and updated on our pre-stretched hair section!

Non stretched braid hair has the ability to be stretched an additional 4 or more inches. So, it actually gives you more creativity in the styles you are creating. Some styles may call for a blunt finish. If that’s the case, then you’ll love having this option.

We’ve talked about this type of hair before, but this is how our customers love it.

  • Braiding hair made with itch free patented 99.9% antibacterial fiber.
  • No vinegar dipping process needed. Long lasting freshness without skin irritation.
  • Made with sweat resistant fiber. Fresh and light.
  • Saves money and time!
  • Easy to use for braiding.

If you feel confused or overwhelmed about which type of braid hair to use, ask your stylist. Basically, the quality and itch-free features are the same. Also, keep in mind that certain colors are exclusive to each option.

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