December Must-Haves: Colored Hair Extensions

December Must-Haves: Colored Hair Extensions
Colored hair extensions are a great way to transform your hair from “basic” to ”slay” in the matter of hours. Whether adding subtle pops of color or bright braids, colored hair extensions add depth to styles. Plus, you can integrate a different hue without the style commitment or the use of harsh chemicals on your hair.

Check out some of our December finds below! Keep in mind also some items may be on sale this coming month! Swing by VIP for more info on your favorite extension products.

Choosing The Correct Color Of Hair Extensions

Choosing the color of hair extensions is simple with the various options VIP provides you. We stock various textures, styles and color combinations for hair extensions. So, you don’t have to endure the challenging process of coloring your extensions yourself. Our focus is on the latest hair inspirations and top color trends.

Rastra Fri Colored Hair Extensions
Xpression Colored Pre-Stretched Hair Extensions
AfreeZM Colored Hair Extensions
Brazilian Bundle Extensions
3x Chic N Curly Hair Extensions
Blond Passion Twists

So if you are a natural hair girl who loves colored hair extensions, you have better choices now. And no more worries about dyeing damages to your tresses. Plus, our beauty supply store and stylist provides a nice shopping experience and dream hairstyles.

For any VIP Beauty who doesn’t her hair has the pizazz she craves, colorful hair extensions are an instant solution. But with so many options out there, it’s so hard to know which to choose. Well, we’re experts in hair extensions, color, and all things hair. Just ask us, we’re always ready to assist. Additionally, we serve the community in which we work. So, our prices are always affordable as well as quality products.

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