What’s In For Spring? Passion Twist Hair or Spring Twists?

What's In For Spring? Passion Twist Hair or Spring Twists?
If you like your hair soft and light then you should definitely spring out for passion or spring twists.

Spring twist braiding hair looks good on all hair types and is perfect for our transitioning beauties. Protect and cherish your hair from over-manipulation with these protective options. You can twist in different amazing styles as the perfect complement to all your looks. It is easy to install and maintenance is a breeze. Plus, it won’t tangle or shed and always maintains a fresh look.

Spring Twist Hair

Going from relaxed hair to natural? Then Spring Twist hair could be a great transitional hairstyle for you.

Spring Twist Hair
Spring Twist Hair

Please note, hair is left on the track for transport. But, it is not intended for weaving. So, you must cut the hair from the track and twist the hair onto your own hair.

Of course, VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply has it! Swing by our salon, grab your Spring Twist hair. If you’ve already booked your appointment, our stylists can hook you up with a soft and bouncy style.

Passion Twist Hair

If you’re looking for a new protective hairstyle for the season, Passion Twist could be your new go-to.

Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it basic. And, when it come to hairstyles, you want simplicity. Otherwise, you won’t be dashing out the door. You’ll still be in front of the mirror toiling over your hair in the mornings.

Passion Twist Hairstyles
Passion Twist Hairstyles

You can create amazing protective hairstyles with Passion Twists. And, they’re less expensive and easier to maintain than some of the ponytail styles. Yes, we have Passion Twist hair too! Come see us!

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What\'s In For Spring? Passion Twist Hair or Spring Twists?