Handmade Goddess Locs? Yay or Nay?

Hand Made Goddess Locs? Yay or Nay?
We all love a good protective style for its convenience and protection of our natural hair.

However, goddess locs have been slaying the halls of VIP for some time. But, we’re noticing the popularity of handmade goddess locs all over social media.

Do Handmade Goddess Locs Last Longer?

With proper maintenance and upkeep, faux locs can last up to three months. So, the question is do handmade Goddess locs last longer faux locs?

Not really. According to research, the longevity is pretty much the same. But, the price will likely be different and of course the time spent making them.

Faux locs made with synthetic hair will have a smoother, shinier appearance, but the hair is less expensive.

Faux locs are meant to resemble dreadlocks or actual real locs. Usually, yarn, synthetic braiding hair, or human hair is used to create this style. If you opt for synthetic hair, Marley Hair or Kanekalon are the two most popular.

Faux locs made with human hair are generally referred to as goddess locs. Using human hair provides the most natural looking locs.

Goddess Locs Maintenance

You may need to touch up the roots as your hair grows out. You don’t want to leave your locs in too long. If you do, it is possible that your natural hair will actually start to lock.

Our VIP Stylists can do both; goddess locs and faux locs! Give us a call at (661) 723-0990.

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Handmade Goddess Locs? Yay or Nay?