VIP Tape-In Hair Extensions

VIP Tape-In Hair Extensions
Tape-in hair extensions have been around for a while, but would they work for you? Choosing the right type of hair extensions can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many options available and sometimes it’s easiest to just jump on what’s trending.

However, taking the time to consider your hair type and lifestyle has benefits. For example, doing so will help in picking the best type of extensions.

These particular extensions are considered to be semi-permanent. And their longevity depends on several things. First, how well you care for them. And second, how fast your hair grows. In general, they can last from 4-8 weeks before needing to be changed out or re-applied.

Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Although tape-in hair extensions are among the contenders, there are a few pros and cons worth mentioning.


Easy To Apply At Home. One of the reasons tape hair increase in popularity is it’s ease of use. In fact, with practice and patience, you can easily apply these extensions at home. Medusa tape-ins come with instructions. And there are lots of available video tutorials to help you do it yourself. Applying your extensions yourself also means you save money on salon costs.

But be careful not to exchange cost-savings for damaged hair. If you’re not feeling confident your technique is working, give our stylists a call rather than pulling out your hair.

No Heat or Special Equipment Required. Unlike other extensions that require heat or special tools, tape-ins don’t. In addition to this caveat, there’s no need for messy glue or metal rings either.

The hair comes with tapes already attached to the tips. So, all you need to do is attach them to your hair.

Natural Looking. Obviously, if you decide to wear any type of extensions, you want a natural, undetectable look. With this in mind, tape-in hair extensions offer this anonymity. Given that they have thin strands with invisible tape, it blends perfectly with your natural hair.

VIP Tape-In Hair Extensions


Requires Maintenance. You can’t just set and forget as maintenance is required. It’s also essential to use the right hair care products for these type of extensions. Not to worry though. VIP stock the ideal hair care products that are appropriate for hair extensions.

Can Fall Out If Not Applied Properly. Although they are easy to use, they can fall out if not applied correctly. So, follow the instructions carefully for the best results. Or, have one of our VIP stylists apply them for you.

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VIP Tape-In Hair Extensions