Summer and Box Braids at VIP

Summer and Box Braids at VIP
Box braids is must have, year round, classic style. Especially, when it’s 90+ degrees in the Antelope Valley. That’s why, every year around this time, our social feed fills up with gorgeous box braid styles. You can also find lots of tips, tricks, and deals on braiding hair and styles.

The Classic Box Braids

This protective hair style lends to heritage as well as being super low maintenance. And with the summer high temps we have in the Valley, maintaining your hair becomes a project. Additionally, this style gives your hair a much needed break from heat tools and over washing.

Since the summer temperatures have come to stay a while, the braid inspo are on the rise. So, scroll down to discover some of the fabulous styles you can create with box braids.

Twisted Braid Style with Box Braids

The twisted bun allows for full use of the gorgeous volume provided by bigger braids. You’re sure to give off a royal vibe when you master this level of sculpt styling!

Top Bun & Side Braids Style

A bun and a big side braid to start with? Yes, go for it.

Greek Goddess Braid

Feeling like a Greek goddess today? Of course you are. Pull those shiny, well-cared for tresses back and separate them into three chunks. Then, incorporate them into one thick braid. While buns put a lot of weight on your head, this style gets hair off your face without that nuisance.

Cat Ears Braid Style

Hello, 90s! We’re happy to see you. 80s, we were over you pretty quick, but 90s, we simply never fell out of love. Insert the name of your favorite childhood pop star here. Then, channel that diva as you twist adorable half buns into spunky little cat ears. Can you tell we’re all about it? Yeah, we’re all about it.

Spiral Bun

This spiral bun is daring and dramatic. And it’s perfect for a gal with a hipster vibe and passion for living on the fashion-forward edge.

If you like these styles, drop by VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply & Salon. You can also request appointment with one of our braiders, or call (661) 723-0990.

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