How To Maintain Your VIP Braids in 6 Steps

How To Maintain Your VIP Braids in 6 Steps
Let’s be honest. To maintain your VIP braids, it takes a lot of time and effort. Ultimately, the time and money spent is worth it to keep them looking healthy. There are many reasons people choose to get braids for themselves or daughters. And at VIP, we know most of these reasons.

Customers know we value their hair style choices because we regularly have sales on braiding hair. Additionally, we encourage our VIP Beauties to ask questions about how to maintain your VIP braids.

So, to make sure you enjoy a long-term investment, here are a few tips to maintain your protective style. Ready? Let’s go!

no1Protect your hair EVERY night. Using a silk headscarf or satin pillowcase will help keep your braids from drying out. Your edges will also remain looking fresh. While using both may seem like overkill, it’s not. In fact, oftentimes the headscarf slides off during sleep. But luckily, you’ll find that your braids are pressed against a satin, soothing pillowcase.


no2Grab a handy water spray bottle and spray your thirsty roots. This will only take a few minutes and it moisturizes your hair. And like most things in Mother Nature, your hair needs moisture to survive.


no3To properly maintain your VIP braids, avoid using unnatural products. Products containing ingredients such as alcohol and sulfates, will strip moisture from your hair. Not only that, but they also leave your scalp dry.


no4Wash your braids bi-weekly. Dirt, sweat, and environmental elements causes pores to clog and product buildup. Obviously, this is a recipe for disaster for your scalp and hair.


no5Reduce updos, pulling and manipulation. Ponytails or other updos, causes stress to your hairline. And constantly pulling on your hairline weakens your roots. After all, no hairstyle is worth destroying your edges.


no6Don’t wear braids for long periods of time. Although some women have worn braids for 4 months, it’s not recommended. If circumstances makes this necessary, ensure you take extreme care to maintain your VIP braids. The maximum recommended time between braid styles is 2 months. This is because new growth causes extra weight on the scalp due to the loose braid.

To learn more about caring for your braids or buying the appropriate products, visit VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply.

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