North West Serves Up Hairstyle Inspiration At Vip

North West Serves Up Hairstyle Inspiration At Vip
North West has got to be the most fashionable 9-year-old at the moment. Despite her age, West is constantly serving up hairstyle inspiration that transcends generations. In fact, we’re seeing a huge inflow of girls from diverse cultures wanting North inspired braids.

Of course, any of North West hairstyles are easy for our expert braiders and stylists to mimic. Not to mention, we put our own spin on it and make it truly yours! Like most curly-headed girls, North has many options when it comes to hairstyles.

Check out some of her looks below.

North West Hairstyles Jumbo Braids
North West Hairstyles Two Top Knot Buns
North West Hairstyles Two Straight Ponytails
Braid Styles For Girls

These days, tweens are rockin’ stylish ‘dos just like teenagers. Whether jumbo box braids, afro puffs, or high pony, and beyond, Vip is where to get the latest hairstyles. Not only that, but many of the accessories worn in North West hairstyles are available at our beauty supply store.

In addition to hair accessories, we’re also fully stocked on braid hair, hair extensions, wigs, and tons of other products. All to keep our beauties looking great, no matter the age.

Many tweens and teenage girls frequent the salon with their mom. Although some of the styles below are easy enough for your daughter to maintain, the looks are created by professionals. And yes, that means the braiders and stylist at Vip has you covered.

Knotless Braids for Girls
Beaded Braids
High Braided Ponytail
Braids with Pink Skunk Stripe
Princess Braids
Lemonade Braids

For any of the styles above or your own idea, book appointment today! And don’t forget to visit our beauty supply store for all hair care needs.

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North West Serves Up Hairstyle Inspiration At Vip