It’s Weave Season and Vip Is Your Hair Weave Salon!

It's Weave Season and Vip Is Your Hair Weave Salon!
While braid styles are all the rage these day, you really can’t go wrong with a sew-in either. In fact, our hairstylists here at the best hair weave salon in Northern California are expert stylists.

We’re also fully stocked on bundles, individual and multi pack extensions to complete your look. Not sure the type of hair you want? No sweat. We have both human and synthetic hair extensions.

So, if you’re trying to grow out your hair, you can’t really go wrong with a sew-in. But if this is your first time getting a sew-in, you probably have lots of questions. Actually, most women do. This post will answer questions surrounding what’s involved in a sew-in.

What We Do At Our Hair Weave Salon in Lancaster

At VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply & Salon, we extend and enhance your hair with hair weaves. We do full, partial, sewed, bonded, and quick weaves. Because we’re also a beauty supply store, products needed during your service are readily available.

Definition Of A Weave

A hair weave is an artificial or natural hair extension that’s fixed into human hair by sewing, gluing or clipping. Weaves originated in Egypt around 3400 BC. People dyed human hair or sheep wool and attached it to their heads with resin or beeswax. In fact, Cleopatra was noted in the ancient world for her peacock blue weave.

Hair Weave Salon - VIP House of Hair
Hair Weave Salon - VIP House of Hair
Hair Weave Salon - VIP House of Hair
Short Layered Weave Style
Blonde Layered Weave with dark roots
Layered Wavy Look

Extension Hair Lingo

Here is a breakdown of terminology that plays a major role in extension hair lingo:

Extension. Synthetic or natural hair that is usually clipped or taped into a person’s natural hair. At our hair weave salon, we use extensions for your sew-in installations. The purpose is to add volume and/or length to existing hair.

Weave. A hairstyle that weaves real or artificial hair into a person’s natural hair. It creates a thicker, longer, or more glamorous look. Also, a weave uses hair extensions which we offer at our hair weave salon.

Leave Out. The part of one’s hair that’s left out to cover the weave. Typically, when you wear a weave, you leave the front of your hair out. This is to cover up any braids or weave tracks (AKA wefts). By doing this, it gives you a more natural look because your real hairline is visible.

Closure. Closures are a circular piece of weft hair. Oftentimes, it’s used with a full weave to cover all of the wearer’s hair. It’s usually made of silk or lace. A cosmetologist attaches the piece to a cornrow base to hide any of the real hair.

Frontal. Made from the same material as a closure, a frontal covers a larger area, usually the front of the hair. It gives a straight ear-to-ear hairline.

Pack. – It contains a certain number of hair bundles, usually 3, with or without a closure. These bundles all match in color and style and all lie in the same direction.

Bundle. Single collection of hair usually amounting to three ounces. They are sold separately or as part of a pack. Full weaves require 2-4 bundles of hair. But longer weaves require more packs and shorter weaves use fewer packs.

Virgin. In the hair world, virgin refers to a collection of hair taken from a single donor. This hair is not chemically processed. Additionally, all cuticles must be intact and run in the same direction.

Weft. – Several extensions in which individual hair strands are attached to a reinforced stitch. To make this type of hair extension, technicians sew or ‘weft’ bulk hair together into a bundle. Also, a weft can be thin and strong or thick and loose. Some wefts are hand-tied while others are machine-sewn.

If you still have questions, your stylists will answer any question that you have during your appointment. You can also visit our beauty supply store before your appointment, to purchase your hair. Or you can purchase it the day of the appointment. Book your appointment today!

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It\'s Weave Season and Vip Is Your Hair Weave Salon!