New Year, New You, New ‘Do

New Year Hair 'Do
The past two years have been rough, to say the least. So, why not step into the new year with a new hair ‘do to give you that extra zhuzh. Not sure what new year hair ‘do you want? No worries. We’ve kept an eye on 2021 trends and have an idea of which trends may pop for 2022.

Let’s take a look at 5 styles that may be trending for your new year hair ‘do.

New Year Hair 'Do Bob

01. The Stunning Bob

Wavy hairstyles for Black women are one of our favorite go-to styles. And this shoulder-length bob comes with gorgeous wind-swept waves. Not only is it not too messy nor too polished, but it creates a perfect balance of the two. Black women can wear their bobs straightened, natural or dyed for the ultimate new year hair ‘do. In fact, Black women can enjoy versatility with their hairstyles and color. However, it may require time and patience. But when it comes to bobs, there are endless options.

New Year Hair 'Do Relaxed Braids

02. Relaxed Braids New Year Hair ‘Do

Braided hairstyles for black women are one of the most versatile options to ever exist. Braids suit everyone and can be done in a gazillion different ways. Micro braids, like traditional braids, have take a back seat the last few years. For the most part, this is due to its maintenance requirements when taking them down. But, we’re happy to announce that they are making a gradual comeback. Notice how the braids are still showing off the original texture of the hair.

New Year Hair 'Do Short Natural Styles

03. Short Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

Want something easy to manage and yet high on the style quotient? Then you should try this look. Chop your afro down to obtain some short and fabulous raised curls. This kind of short hairstyle work wonders for those who have a curl pattern that grow in an upward direction. So, you’re ready to take a break from relaxers, then this is the way to go. All you need for many of these is just an inch of hair. If you’re feeling bold, you can go for a super short cut.

Blonde & Brown Afro Hairstyles

04. Blonde & Brown Afro Hairstyles

Blonde and brown colors are the best natural hairstyles for Black women. So, let your Black girl magic shine through while wearing your curls proudly in an afro. It’s a voluminous style with playful vibes which is further enhanced by the combo of blonde and light brown hues. When your goal is a slight style change, a two color combination is a great way to pull off the look. Because it doesn’t look pretentious, blonde & brown colors accentuate Black women’s natural features.

Bouncy Curls with Cornrows

05. Bouncy Curls with Cornrows

We know how braids for Black women work every time, and we also know how awesome curls look. So, why not wear them both at the same time? How? Well, just take some inspiration from the hairstyle pictured here. It combines both the bouncy curls and cornrow braids. The tight braids on one side with the rest of the hair left to cascade paints quite a beautiful picture. Short curly hairstyles look gorgeous and are always in trend!

Our stylists can create any one of the looks above for you. Or, you can upload a photo of your desire style here. And at the same time, request an appointment. If you need hair extensions, wigs or haircare products, visit our beauty supply store in Lancaster.

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New Year, New You, New \'Do