Black History Through The Fro

Black History Through Afro Hair
In essence, when it comes to natural hair, nothing beats the traditional fro. There’s a reason why hair is such an integral part of Black history and heritage. Albeit complex, the evolution of afro hair and its impact on society through time tells a story within itself.

Black history through afro hair speaks volumes about the Black experience and identity. Established in the early years of African civilization, many famous styles came about. These styles included dreadlocks, braids and twists which were used to symbolize a person’s family background, tribe or social status.

Black History Through Afro Hair

Over the years, we’ve seen the afro volumized ‘do on the heads of numerous models and celebrities. So, you know that rockin’ your curls out and proud is a sure fire way to win some instant style points!

VIP prides itself on stocking the most most effective haircare products to keep your fro lush and luxurious. Below, Black history through afro hair strolls down memory lane of some of the most iconic afros.

Angela Davis - Black History Afro Hair

Angela Davis’ Fro

Political activist Angela Davis popularized larger-than-life hair when she proudly rocked her afro in the ’60s.

Her iconic ‘fro inspired Black women everywhere to ditch their hair straighteners. And going natural, sparked a revolution in Black beauty and style.

Black History Afro Hair

Marsha Hunt

In the late ‘60s, few afros were as powerfully majestic as Marsha Hunt’s. As a singer, actress and model, she definitely had a stage presence.

As such, she lit up the stage in skintight buckskin pants, belly-baring halters, and that awe-inspiring cloud of hair.

Black History Afro Hair - Pam Grier

Pam Grier

In the ’70s, Pam Grier made a name for herself. Not only for her iconic roles in Blaxploitation flicks like Foxy Brown, but also for her super-big, sexy afro.

Since then, she’s become best known for her work in the 1997 Jackie Brown.

Diana Ross - Afro Hair

Diana Ross

On her first solo tour of Britain, Diana Ross rocked a head full of voluminous ringlets. Obviously, this was a real departure from the structured Supremes bouffants of the ’60s.

But to showcase her in our Black history through afro hair, her fro is the most iconic.

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Black History Through The Fro