Let’s Talk Hair Type, Shall We?

Let's Talk Hair Type, Shall We?
Getting to know your hair type is important for many reasons. For instance, styling kinky and coily hair requires special attention to prevent dryness. This also means showing your locks non-stop love with products that minimizes damage. And then, hugging it with silk each night.

To help VIP Beauties navigate the world of 3C and 4C tresses, discover our tips below to keep your curls lively.

Coily Type 3

Coily hair is one of the most versatile curl types. It can be very fragile because it tends to have quite a thin external layer. When styling this hair type you should always pat hair dry with a microfiber towel. Or you can also use a cotton t-shirt to help prevent breakage. Luckily for our VIP beauties, we just restocked on hair caps and silk scarf accessories!

Kinky Hair Type 4 Hair

Zig zag hair strands is the main indicator for identifying kinky hair. In general, this hair is usually dry. This is because the natural oils produced at your scalp has an indirect journey to the ends of the hair. Consequently, conditioning and shampooing your hair is essential. While everyone’s hair maintains moisture at different degrees, Type 4 hair requires conditioning and moisturizing. As a result, we recently restocked on leave-in conditioners to better serve our 4C beauties. We want to make sure your natural hair is still flourishing under your protective style.

African Pride Olive Miracle ConditionerAlso, heavily textured hair needs frequent hydration. After applying a nourishing conditioner, the end goal is to make your hair soft and easy to detangle. Your curls will also be more defined. Additionally, the hair shaft needs nutrients. To feed that, a good conditioner delivers required nutrients to your hair. And at the same time, reducing the breakage and smoothing brittle ends. African Pride Anti-Breakage Formula is one of our favorite sellers for leave-in conditioners.

When washing coily or kinky curls, you need to load up on hydration while in the shower. Then, style with multiple creams to provide that extra surge of moisture your curl pattern demands.

Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention ShampooBegin by rinsing your hair with warm water or a sulfate-free curly hair shampoo from VIP will help target moisture. How often you choose to wash your hair is up for debate. Some say only shampoo your hair every two weeks as the cleansing agents can dehydrate your hair further. However, others believe this is a misconception, and that it should vary person to person. Especially when you consider the amount of product Type 3 and 4 hair requires. Washing your hair too often can result in extreme product build-up and impact your scalp health. So, we say experiment and find what works best for you.

Whether you use VIP shampoos and conditioners or make your own, moisturizing your beautiful curls is critical. For these great products and more, visit the VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply.

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