How Often Should You Wash Natural Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Natural Hair?
The answer to how often you should wash natural hair isn’t straightforward. Although, the consensus is once every two weeks. However, if you feel that your hair is in desperate need of wash, by all means, wash it. But make sure you use a shampoo that provides a gentle cleanse. Or better yet, a cleansing conditioner.

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How Often Should You Wash Natural Hair?

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Hair usually grows roughly 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month. But, some people notice more growth when they cleanse scalps more often than they did in the past.

The more you moisturize your hair and scalp with water, the healthier your head will be. Hair growth flourishes from a clean, healthy scalp. So, how often you should wash your natural hair depends on how dirty your scalp feels.

The bottom line is that dirty hair doesn’t grow any faster than clean hair. And, you may as well have a clean scalp and fresh tresses. Your strands will look better, feel better, and be healthier, too.

In general, regardless of your hair texture, your hair should be cleansed regularly. It’s important to remove the impurities, excess product, debris or whatever else that happens to fall your your strands.

Besides, healthy-looking hair starts with a good wash routine. Albeit, not all hair types should be washing their strands the same amount. And some hair types can become dry due to excessive hair washing, like natural hair.

As some of you VIP Beauties may know, natural hair is naturally dry. But everyone’s scalp is made up of a natural oil called sebum.

Sebum travels down your hair strands helping it to stay conditioned and moisturized. However, due to the curly state of natural hair, sebum has difficulty working its way down the curl. So, that why us natural hair girls have to consider the number of times we wash our hair.

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