It’s The End Of The Year- Let’s Go Out With A BANG!

It’s The End Of The Year- Let’s Go Out With A BANG!

It’s the end of the year, and we plan to kill it! Whatever is on your bucket list for 2019, complete it girl.

This month we were reminded that it’s not the new year that changes you. It’s YOU. How do you want to finish off your new year? And really think of those things that you started but maybe did not finish.

Do you have it in you to finish your 2019 goals?

For us, we wanted to pick up on our community efforts. We started the year off with events and activities that tied our faith and community together. And we intend to finish it that way.

This month we will be GIVING away FREE bibles. Yes, free. We’ll distribute bibles to customers, neighbors and VIP friends.

Apart from that, we’re kicking our braid game up a notch! A few months ago, we posted about our big sale on braiding hair. Well, not only is our hair on sale, but we’ve added a variety of fun colors to the selection! From red, blue and deep grays, we have it all now!

You can grab a colorful 6-pack of braiding hair for just $9.99! AND that’s how we’re going to end the new year! We want our VIP beauties bible-upped and braided-up!

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