The Gram’s 2019 #slays!

Hairstyles That Slay On Instagram
2019 has been good to our @viphouseofhair Instagram. We love seeing all of our new followers engage and join our Facebook family as well!

Our IG is meant to inspire and shed light on our VIP store and salon! We hope we did just that.

Hairstyles That Slay on Instagram

Below are some of our most “liked” IG slays by our VIP Stylists!

Hairstyles That Slay On Instagram
Hairstyles That Slay On Instagram
2019 Hairstyle
Instagram Hairstyle Slays
2019 Hairstyle
White Girl with Braids
Hairstyles that slays on instagram
Beaded braids

Protective Styles

Protective styles go hand and hand with any season. They’re also low maintenance, so it’s no wonder why we’ll be flocking to the hair salon this season to request cornrows, box braids, and extensions.

What we love most are the endless ways to wear them. You can customize each look with intricate parting, hair accessories, and even fun pops of color. Not to mention, they won’t disrupt the health your hair; hence the name protective style. There’s no better way be a part of the hairstyles that slay on Instagram.

You don’t have to look very far for fall hairstyle inspo; per usual, Instagram is crawling with options you can just screenshot and send to your stylist. And who better to get inspiration from than these 11 celebs who are always on three steps ahead of the strut and slay game? Try any of the above looks for the seasonal upgrade you need.

There is plenty we can be thankful for this year: feel good weather, rooftop day parties. After a cold winter in some states, we deserve to feel more relaxed and chill as it gets warmer out; and so does our hair! As the temp increases, we need hairstyles that will combat the heat, humidity and moisture from those post-rainy nights and the hot sun beaming on our foreheads.

We have to keep the hair off the nape of our necks and protect our edges because ain’t nobody got time for that! Twist it, pin it, roll it, tuck it, braid it, or wrap it.

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