How To Put Your Hair On A Diet For Healthy Hair

How To Put Your Hair On A Diet For Healthy Hair
What you put in your body may be showing up in your hair strands. Not literally, but figuratively speaking. Food has the ability to encourage or complete daily hair growth.

The key factor in maintaining healthy hair is to pay attention to your diet.

Great Foods For Healthy Scalp and Hair

Eat Nuts for Healthy Hair & Scalp

Protein Rich Foods

Each hair strand consists of cells and a protein called keratin. These cells and protein need to be replenished continuously with essential nutrients for long, strong hair.

Protein is essential for your hair’s nourishment. It is the building block of hair follicles. So, choose good protein sources such as nuts, eggs, milk, legumes, and lean meat to encourage healthy hair and scalp.

Green Leafy Vegetables Healthy Hair Growth

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are loaded with a good source of iron which is essential for healthy hair growth. In fact, iron deficiency is of of the prime causes for hair loss. Why? Because an iron deficiency stops oxygen and nutrients from transport to your hair roots and follicles. Consequently, this inhibits hair growth and makes your strands frail.

include green leafy vegetables like spinach and collard greens are packed with nutrients such as iron and folate. Additionally, vitamins A and C improves hair health.

Citrus Fruit Hair Collagen Production

Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C plays a vital role in iron absorption. So, it’s important to add a good source of citrus fruits to your diet. Good examples include oranges, alma, and sweet lime to get your daily dose of vitamins.

Additionally, vitamin C is also needed for collagen production that provides nutrients to the hair shaft. It makes the hair grow fast and strong.

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