Cellophane Hair Treatment: Everything You Need To Know

Cellophane Hair Treatment: Everything You Need To Know
From Creative Image to Clairol brands, VIP carries a variety of cellophane hair treatments. Lately, the social media buzz is streaming around applying chemicals to natural hair (ie. hair dye) and what are healthier solutions.

The next best thing is to add a cellophane treatment to your hair.

About Cellophane Hair Treatment

Cellophane is a semi-permanent hair coloring treatment that adds luster and shine to your hair. And unlike other hair color treatments, it doesn’t make use of harsh chemicals.

This type of color treatment was a big thing in the ’90s. Even before hair dyes were in fashion. It was a chance for those with virgin hair to experiment with subtle hues, or, just add shine and volume to make hair look lively and silky.

Clairol Cellophane Hair Treatments

So, how do you use it? Due to the absorption of moisture to get proper results, this procedure takes quite some time.

You start by washing your hair. Then apply the cellophane and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Also, you can enhance the absorption process by apply heat using a hair dryer.

After the recommended time is over, you can rinse your hair and apply conditioner. When your hair is dry, feel free to style it any way you like.

And of course, unique color options are still trending in the hair space. So, it’s becoming the norm to see women at work with vivid colored hair.

No doubt during one of your salon visits, you heard about cellophane hair treatment. It’s actually one of the more common hair coloring treatments offered in salons, including ours!

Although it’s been around for years, it’s just as popular as some of the other hair color treatments. However, due to how it adds shine, color, and thickness to your hair, it’s more unique than other color treatments.

Compared to traditional dyes, cellophane hair treatment locks in moisture to your hair. So, your hair doesn’t dry out after coloring!

Our shelves are restocked and we’re ready to serve your hair color needs! Swing by and see what’s new.

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