How To Detangle Natural Hair Without Pulling It Out

How To Detangle Natural Hair Without Pulling It Out
Knowing how to detangle natural hair is crucial to the Black experience. Because the last thing you want to happen is to have those beautiful coils all knotted up. You can feel a headache coming on before even picking up a comb.

But that’s what happened when our mom’s detangled our hair back in the day. Today, most savvy Black women know that it can’t possibly be the proper way to detangle natural hair. In essence, detangling is simply using a haircare tool to comb or brush through your hair. This helps to remove tangles and shed hairs that can cause matting, knots, and inevitably, breakage.

The Proper Way To Detangle Natural Hair

Detangling can also help with washing the hair, styling the hair, and distributing products throughout the hair. Many naturals have hair growth goals, but are struggling with retaining length. Learning to properly detangle natural hair will ensure that you are not just pulling it out.

It will also help with overall healthy hair care, as improper detangling can result in split ends and damaged cuticles. Here are some tips on detangling your hair without pulling it out!

1. Go Easy

You can easily damage your hair and cause breakage if you pull too tight. So, go easy, be gentle when combing or brushing your hair.

2. Moisten Your Hair

Sometimes it helps to detangle your hair if you wet it first. Moisten it a little by spraying the problem area. Using plain water can act as a conditioner to breathe moisture into your hair.

If your hair becomes matted, don’t immediately reach for the scissors. Instead, apply a deep conditioner or moisturizing. Then, leave it in your hair while wearing a plastic cap on your head. A good amount of time to leave it on is at least an hour. But overnight would be better. While your hair should be easier to detangle afterwards, combing it will still be tedious. However, it will be much less painful and stress on your hair and scalp without hair treatment.

3. Choose Your Tools Wisely

The best tools to use on to detangle knotted hair are wide tooth combs. Use small strokes to loosen the knots with the wide tooth comb. You may need to add more conditioner or oil to your hair as you work through the knots.

How To Prevent Tangles

  • Cleanse your scalp thoroughly each time you wash your hair.
  • Always use a conditioner.
  • Sleep in a scarf or bonnet to protect your hair at night.
  • Don’t leave your hair in a protective style for too long.

We enjoy helping and supporting our customers in caring for their hair. To learn more about our natural haircare products, visit our beauty supply store in Lancaster.

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How To Detangle Natural Hair Without Pulling It Out