Natural Hair Dos and Don’ts For Black Women

Natural Hair Dos and Don'ts For Black Women
There are many natural hair dos and don’ts for Black Women, but we won’t list them all here. We will, however, give you a good rundown about natural hair care. And we won’t lie to ya.

Natural Hair Dos and Don’t For Black Women

Among other things, genetics play a role in how long our hair gets and how fast it gets there. But the truth is, you can grow longer tresses than you’ve ever had before. In fact, it can grown as much as one and a half inches a month. However, you’ll need to do your part to retain your inches. And that’s where these tips come in.

Increase Your Collagen Intake

If you want your hair to thrive, it definitely needs protein. And collagen is one of the most abundant forms of protein. It’s good for your hair because your hair consists of mostly protein (keratin). Also, collagen provides your hair with the amino acids that are necessary to build protein. Plus, collagen fights combats free radicals at the root. And as a bonus, it can also slow down hair thinning and graying as well.

Obviously, it’s wise to eat foods that contain a good amount of collagen in them. Some of those include berries, fish, citrus fruits, chicken, tomatoes and red bell peppers.

Dust More Than Trim

A true trim maintains the lines of your haircut. But, it may cost you an inch or more if you’ve got severely split ends. On the other hand, a dusting is a conservative snipping of just your ends. Usually, a quarter-inch or less and only in the spots you really need it.

The thing is, when you’re trying to grow your hair and it’s uneven, it’s annoying. But it’s normal for one side of your hair to be thicker and grow faster than the other side. The reason for this is that the left and right sides of our body is not identical. This is also why one of your feet or breast may be larger than the other. And when we consistently sleep on one side more than the other, it further exacerbates the issue.

So, the bottom line is, keep your ends trimmed or dusted to promote hair growth. One of the main natural hair dos and don’ts for Black Women is being adamant about the latest styles. Yet, not taking care of spit ends and stopping breakage.

Show Your Hair Ends Some TLC

One more time for the people in the back. The myth that natural hair doesn’t grow is a fallacy. If you’re alive, your hair is growing. But there’s a reason why many of us don’t see proof of this. And it’s because our ends break off as fast as our roots grow. This can be prevented though by treating your ends like a newborn baby. You know? Ever so gently.

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Natural Hair Dos and Don'ts For Black Women

Take a Vitamin B12 Supplement

African American women are known to have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. But how do you know whether you’ve missed the signs? Here are a few signs that may indicate you’re in need of Vitamin B12 boost:

  • You’re irritable
  • Low energy
  • Blurred vision
  • Unexplainable shortness of breath
  • Constipation
  • Weak muscles
  • Your tongue is slicker than usual
  • There’s a random numbing or tingling feeling through your body
  • Memory loss
  • Dormant hair follicles

While these are signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency, they could be mimicking a more serious condition. Therefore, you should consult your doctor for a professional diagnosis.

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