Leave ‘Us’ Alone: The Bonnet Controversy

Leave 'Us' Alone: The Bonnet Controversy
For months now, people on social media have been in a debate about Black women wearing bonnets. But to be more precise – whether Black women ‘should’ wear bonnets in public. And to that a viral video from comedienne Monique only stoked the debate. However, this type of scrutiny isn’t helping anyone.

So what is the bonnet controversy all about regarding Black women?

The Bonnet Controversy

Often, what passes as appropriate fashion to wear in public is a matter of personal opinion. In fact, this is evident with the chastising comments to Black women about wearing hair bonnets in public.

While men of all races wearing baggy jeans and designer Ugg boots with shorts are rarely criticized, Black women are. In fact, they’re criticized if their hair isn’t done, when it is done and ‘how’ it’s done.

And it’s almost a win loose situation when it comes to Black women’s hair and fashions. The main purpose of a bonnet is to keep Black hair from tangling during the night while sleeping. Or even preserving a hairstyle until you’re ready to take it off.

So who has the authority to police Black women if they choose to wear their bonnet while traveling? No one! Especially during a flight when you may need to nap due to the distance.

Even if wearing a bonnet in public is not your personal choice, don’t publicly ostracize other Black women who do. Because when you do that, you’re taking away ‘their’ personal’ choice.

Well, not exactly, because Black women are strong in addition to beautiful. They will make their own choices when and where they decide to wear a bonnet.

Given all these points about the bonnet controversy, we are fully stocked on this fashion item. Yes, it’s a fashion item in addition to its practical use. So, let’s embrace it; all the styles and colors!

We also have various types of headwear to keep Black hair styles preserved whether at home or in public.

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