7 Striking Ways To Use Marley Hair For Your Looks

7 Striking Ways To Use Marley Hair For Your Looks
Marley hair extensions have been a go-to hair trend for many beauty enthusiasts, and it’s not hard to see why. Just take a look at our featured image! Not only are these extensions versatile, but they also offer a bold and edgy appeal that makes heads turn.

You can use Marley hair in numerous ways and combine it with other hairstyles. Or extensions to create countless otherworldly looks. These seven ideas will help you discover how best to use Marley hair for your next hairstyle(s).

Get the Most Out of Your Marley Hair in These 7 Ways

Did you know that you can repurpose your favorite Marley extensions for more than one look? Let’s get right into it!

01. Double Braid Hair

Braids are a popular classic hairstyle. But when you add Marley hair to the mix, it instantly becomes regal with a touch of finesse. You can keep the braid simple and plain or add a pattern or color for something extra. Play around with colors and use two different colored hair pieces to create a fun double-braid pattern.

How To. Part the hair in two and begin braiding the hair on each side. Then secure the end with an elastic band, And add decorative accessories like cowries and hair ties to accentuate the style.

02. Half-Up Marley Twist

Trust us when we say you can never go wrong with Marley Twists! And if you’re looking for a classy and flattering way to style these twists, a half-up-half-down look will do just the trick.

How To. First, section off your twists into two unequal parts; make one part at least three times less than the other. Then tie off the lesser part in the back, on one side (to the left or right), on both sides, or in the front, and let it flow freely behind you. Whichever way you choose, this style is bound to be a show-stopper!

03. Fish Tail Braid

Fishtail braids are an elegant twist on the classic braid, and they look great with Marley hair. They look stylish and are the perfect hairstyle for an evening outing with the girls or a special event.

How To. Detangle the hair and braid it into one fishtail braid. Finish off the look with accessories like hair clips, ties, and elastic bands. And if you like, you can make it a double fishtail braid; the more, the merrier!

04. Marley Bun

The Marley bun hairstyle is a fun, easy, and creative way to use this hair. And is an excellent choice if you have shorter hair because you can create the bun hairstyle with any hair length. Whether you’re going to work or a special event, a Marley bun will serve you well.

How To. Gather your hair in a single bun and use the Marley hair to wrap and twist them around your bun. Then secure the end with a hair tie or band. Use more Marley hair for a larger or thicker bun and less Marley hair for a smaller bun. To add some spice and a splatter of color to the look, use two or more different colored hair pieces to create a fun patterned Marley bun.

05. Bun with Faux Bangs

The Marley bun with faux bangs is a killer look! It’s a step up from the regular bun look, making it appear more sophisticated and flattering.

How To. Create this elegant style by making a bun first. Once you get your desired bun volume, take some Marley extension and attach them to the part of your bun you want the bangs to face. Then fold the hair and tuck the strands into the bun.

06. Marley Ponytail

Now, a Marley ponytail is perfect for when you want to keep your hair off your face but still want to show off gorgeous long locks. And if you have short Marley hair, you can recreate this style and have it look just as beautiful.

How To. Sleek your hair into a bun such that your hair serves as the center of the ponytail. Divide your hair into sections and tie hair bands around them to allow you to wrap them around your bun using the bands. Tie each section of Marley extension to your bun, with one section on top and the other below. Then allow the hair to flow down your back, and there you have it, your elegant Marley ponytail!

07. Chong Hair Twists

The Marley Chong hair twist is an excellent style for all ages! It is stylish, attractive, and bold, and like a truly versatile and creative style, you can start with creative cornrows, sleek your hair down, use elastic bands, and more before putting it in the final Chong twist style.

How To. After parting your hair in two ponytails, get your Marley hair ready. Twist the hair on each ponytail and then twist each Marley hair around itself to form a Chong twist.

Marley hair extensions are the perfect way to make natural hair look more beautiful and stylish. But it doesn’t just stop there; it serves all hair textures, lengths, and styles. The best part? You can use them in so many ways, whether it’s to create natural-looking hair, attract attention, or enhance your natural beauty, trust Marley hair to deliver!

And if you’re looking for the right place to get your Marley hairstyle done to perfection, look no further. Book an appointment with us and head to the store to get dolled up by our seasoned stylists. No matter how you’d want to rock your Marley hair, rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth!

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